Speech about ocean cleaning technologies

Speech about ocean cleaning technologies

Just like Boyan Slat, the founder of Ocean clean up technologies, I went diving into the ocean, and all I could see were more plastics and garbage than fish. Bottles and plastic bags were floating through the sea, and it broke my heart just how much and long have we forgotten the ocean world? What have we humans done to sea life? These oceans are habitats to tens of thousands of high species and are the lifeblood of planet earth. Not only that, they produce half the oxygen that we breathe and they cover 72% of the planet with 97% of it containing water. But we, as land dwellers, we forget all these facts so easily, threatening the existence of the oceans with human activities such as global warming, overfishing, and in large part, pollution. Humans knowingly or unknowingly dispose of tons of plastics into the sea daily. However, one hopeful thing about this scenario is that while we are capable of actions that disappointing, we are also capable of innovative activities through technology.

Today, I am here to inform you of ocean cleaning technologies, a solution to rid the ocean of all the plastic dirt in the sea. You know technology always fascinates with how it fixes problems in almost every sphere of life; it just requires one intelligent human being to think of an idea. In the same way, Boyan Slat came up with the concept of ocean cleaning technology when he was only 18 following his experiences while diving with plastics and bottles in the ocean. The idea behind his ocean cleaning project was to rid the world’s oceans off floating plastic dirt and protect the marine environment. Did you know that scientists estimate that the Northern Pacific Ocean holds a great pacific garbage patch of 1.8 trillions of plastic pieces that float below and around the water surface? This could take up to 79000 years to remedy this plastic mess. But the good news is that with ocean cleaning technology, it will only need five years to rid the oceans off the plastic. See why I am intrigued by technology?

How does this ocean clean up technology works? The technology works by creating U-shaped floating barriers that will passively collect waste disposals while allowing water to pass through. Rotating water currents called the gyres concentrate plastic wastes in the found in the ocean in one place, and by creating an artificial coastline powered by natural currents, it will aid in removing the dirt using passive floating systems. After the waste has been trapped and shipped away from the ocean, it can be recycled and used as an alternative source of energy. What a brilliant idea! Well, we all know that if we don’t take care of the marine environment, it will affect the food chain, which is including human beings. This technology is the only hope that could save marine life from dying.

I want to conclude by saying, taking care of the environment and cleaning up the ocean’s pollution is our civic duty as humans. We are the ones who created this mess in the first place, and hence we must take responsibility. While the ocean clean up technology is doing its part by extracting tons of plastic from the ocean, it is giving us the reason to change how we relate with plastics. Let us not make the case worse for the already polluted oceans; instead, we should aim at prevention through necessary means such as refuse to use plastics cans or straws and strive to eliminate their usage.

Thank You.