Speech OUTLINE—[Monroe’s Motivated Sequence]

Speech OUTLINE—[Monroe’s Motivated Sequence]

State what you know about the audience in complete sentences. What do they believe? What are their assumptions? Does the audience’s demographics matter (age, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc.)? Will they find you credible? Why/Why Not? How will you address these concerns in your speech?

The audience for this speech includes ladies and gentlemen of working age, from different parts of the United States as well as from different races. This is the people of true loyalty and love for the nation. They believe in service for the country and laboring for the best interest of the nation in different areas. However, they shy from diplomatic jobs and have all negative assumptions about the diplomatic posts including the risks taken as well job requirements. For this speech, the audience age, sex, race or even gender does not matter as the issue unanimously affects all every group. Since the relevance and orientation of the topic has a similar impact to all, they will all find me credible.


Getter: Do you think diplomacy can be an end in itself if it does not advance the interests of the United States?

Introduce the topic/Thesis: Just as diplomacy plays a fundamental role in creating and maintaining international relations and interests of the nation, so is the diplomacy jobs and hence they should be embraced.
Relevancy: The primary role of diplomats is to represent the interests of the United States which all loyal and patriotic citizens yarn to promote hence its duty of you and me to take this initiative.
Credibility: Diplomacy and diplomatic jobs may seem to be a nasty work, but it’s a way that gets the best things done right always.
Preview: Diplomatic jobs are one of the highly paid jobs in the United States; hence the employee enjoys a full flow of income. Also,diplomacy is a prestigious profession that gives the employee an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and explore the world. Moreover,diplomats are highly respected both in their country as well as by the foreign countries where they work due to the significant role they play to their state and the host country.

Transition: Now let’s look at the first point


MAIN POINT I: Diplomatic jobs are good paying especially compared to the countries where they are usually stationed.

A. While their basic salary may not be a lot compared to the economy of the United States,they have a large lot of allowances that make their net pay much lucrative.

B. Ramifications
1. They enjoy a huge transport, life, and risk allowances especially those that represent the United States in less secure nations (David, 26).
2. Being a diplomat acts as being the face of America; hence you earn extra financial and non-financial gains and credit from the host country such as additional security, lofty houses, and other benefits.

C. Therefore, all qualified personnel should consider serving this great nation in this golden job opportunities that are open to all.

Transition: in addition to the first point, let’s explore the second point.

MAIN POINT II: Diplomacy is a prestigious profession that gives the employees an opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and explore the world.
A. By being the diplomat, you travel to different parts of the world where your services are required and where the interest of America that you present are to be prioritized or needed.

B. Theoretical Demonstration
1. Since they are the one responsible for representing the interests of the USA, they have permission to travel to any nation where their representation is required.
2. The hosting nation and America usually guarantee Their security; hence they can travel to daring countries that have insecurity issues like Iraq, Pakistan or Syria where other citizens may be prohibited or insecure to go.

C. Practical Experience
For example, ambassadors have holiday allowance once in a year which they are entitled to travel to any country of their choice at the cost of the U.S.

D. Meeting Objections

Although not all diplomatic jobs are situated outside the country, even those within the country offer transport incentives for moving outside or/and within the country.

As we have seen, diplomatic jobs help one to explore the world, now let’s look at the third point.

A. Negative Visualization
Suppose the interest in diplomatic jobs and the posts for various Democrats are left vacant, it would be a total mess not only to the operations and fostering of development agendas of the U.S but also that of the other nations. Failure of the qualified individuals to take the jobs would make the posts be filled by unqualified personnel leading to the positions being occupied by inexperienced people that may jeopardize the interests of the nation.

B. Positive Visualization: If the solution is carried out and the posts are filled competitively by qualified personnel, the interest of the U.S. would be adequately represented resulting to peaceful coexistence between the U.S and other nation, as well as favorable trade terms and treaties that would increase trade, productivity, and economic growth.

Transition: Those are the three essential points on why diplomatic jobs are important and should be taken. Now let’s sum up what we have gone through


Signal and Summary of main points: As you can see, the need for embracing diplomacy jobs is intense, and there is a gap that needs to be filled by you and me. The benefits of diplomatic jobs are as appealing to me as they are to you, and any other American. These golden chances have good pay and lucrative allowances, it’s a prestigious profession that gives employees opportunities to travel and explore the world, and it leads a great deal of respect for the employees both in the host country and in the mother country, which most of us yearn for.
Statement of Specific Action or Attitude Change: Having seen the benefits that come with the diplomatic jobs, we should all develop that desire to become diplomats and fulfill those long-time goals and aspirations of making America great by being ready to fight for its interests.
Statement of Personal Interest: Without me and you taking a step and deciding to carry the mantle in our hands, America will have no one to call his diplomat, hence become a wounded soldier in the battlefield, who is too weak to even fight for his life.
Clincher/Reason to Remember: Diplomacy is like sending a liar to lie on behalf, and for the common good of the nation, once you send the worst, everybody suffers for the inaction or the action, once you fail to, its catastrophic.

List references in the correct form using the current MLA edition. Please use a style manual or consult the library for help in writing your works cited page

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