Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis is a range of techniques that can be used to understand the expectations and the needs of significant interests inside and outside the project environment. Understanding the attributes, interests and interrelationships between project opponents and advocates assist in the strategic planning of the project. Stakeholders are usually vital in the success or failure of a project, and that is why stakeholder analysis is an essential stage of project management. Stakeholder analysis assists in determining the stakeholders of a particular project and their expected contributions.

Project stakeholder analysis

The major project stakeholders are the project teammates and the government. The teammates are directly involved in the project work, and their contribution is required in every aspect of the project. The workers will be distinguished in terms of interests and powers.

Interests of the team

Understanding the interest of the employees is vital in ensuring that the work is well structured to avoid confusion and collision of the teammates. The workers’ primary interest is the respect for their fundamental rights including freedom of expression and fair treatment. The members of the team are likely to be productivity if their rights are honored.  The teammates also want to be given a competitive pay, and this should commensurate with their skills. According to the work experience and educational background, the employees will contribute differently to the assigned locations. Another interest of the teammates is to earn more pay so that they can work for more extended hours. All the teammates are expecting to be given an opportunity to contribute to decision making for the benefit of the project.

Powers of the team

The manager has the power to make critical decisions on the daily running of the project work. The manager is in a position of making sound decisions that are expected to escalate project performance. It is the responsibility of the manager to identify qualified and skilled teammates who can contribute positively to the success of the project. The motivation of the teammates also contributes significantly to the success of the project. A motivated project team performs duties with passion hence achieving communicated goals.


Government is an external stakeholder playing a critical function in shaping the industry where the company plays. The tasks of the government are executed by an agency which is reporting to the government. The government imposes procedures and laws of operation to protect the consumers and also to regulate competition.

The difference between project management and classical management

Classical management requires that a project work or any job be scrutinized to ascertain the necessary skills, training, and components essential in completing the task. The project manager should, therefore, be classical and ensure that ever analysis is performed before starting to work on the project. On the other hand, project management involves critical thinking with the aim of assessing the necessary resources required in the running of the project. Through the application of the techniques for project management, organizations can strive to acquire project environment control and ensure that deliverables for the project are effectively managed.

Theoretical foundations of project management discipline

Project management has a theoretical foundation which is distinctive and not unitary. The theory indicates that project management constitutes a lateral process in a company and also the authorities of expertise in technical organizations. The human relations is also identified as a component of project management and together with all technological factors involved. The theories that were learned from project management have contributed to the emergence of new management approaches.

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