Starbucks Coffee Creamer Force Field Analysis

Starbucks Coffee Creamer Force Field Analysis

Impact of Change in the Industry

The food and beverage industry has begun embracing the use of creamers in beverages. By 2018, coffee creamers were valued at $3 billion, translating to a 3.1% growth in the USA alone (Liu, Huang, & Shih, 2018). The demand for creamers is set to grow steadily in the future. Correspondingly, the coffee creamer by Starbucks is an opportunity for the company to enter the market before it is saturated. Notably, there are only two significant rivals for Starbucks, Nestle and Dean Foods Company. However, the firm has the advantage of producing a high-caliber coffee creamer that the other contenders do not. Moreover, consumers consciousness over raw materials used in production has escalated. People value quality ingredients, which Starbucks will use in its creamers. By delivering a reliable creamer, Starbucks will attract more customers.

Opportunities and Obstacle

There are various opportunities and obstacles in the market that prompted a change in the food and beverage industry. There is a rising demand for coffee creamers in the market. Additionally, consumers like packaged goods and the creamer will meet the convenience and quality demands for the customers. Customers also like high-quality items from reliable raw materials (Liu et al., 2018). The government’s scrutiny and tight laws in the food industry is an obstacle that forced change in this industry. Manufacturers are required to use traceable raw materials and be honest about the nutritional value of their products. Following policy strictness, food products, creamers included, must meet the quality standards.

Force Field Analysis (“Force Field Analysis” n.d)

Forces for Change

  • Need to increase market share
  • Need to stay ahead of the competition
  • Rising demand for coffee creamers
  • Little competition in the coffee creamer production market
  • Existing brand loyalty and awareness
  • Employee competency and morale

Forces against Change

  • Existing cheaper options
  • The uncertainty of the consumer attitudes towards creamer

Diagrammatic representation of the Force Field Analysis on a Scale of 1-5

Forces for Change                                                                Forces against Change



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