Statement of Ethics

Welcome to my e-portfolio and learn about me.

I have a great interest in ethical and best business practices that follow the codes of ethics that govern the field of business. As a business manager, I specialize in business management. Throughout my time in the management of business sector I have gained experience through volunteer work, class work and co-curricular activities that makes business practices better in the modern world. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the business practices in business as shown in my track record in various institution have worked with.

I am a strong believer in best work ethics and I follow the codes of ethics to the later when performing my duties and associating with my colleagues. I am also reliable in service delivery as demonstrated in my attachment. The ability to learn and adjust with environment makes me flexible and can perform in any environment. In addition I practice with professionalism which I acquired from my academics. I poses vast knowledge regarding the business management field hence, I am a resourceful individual.

Throughout my practices I value honesty and integrity in the business practices. I am a believer of strong integrity and honesty for better performance and boosting of the company-client relation. I hold the deepest belief and value of honesty hence the choice of the business career. I credit my career path and various working environment to be the greatest influence in being the individual I am today. Major life experiences especially, social, and family life has shaped me to the person I am today.

I hope to work together with anybody any person with the same ethical behavior and values in doing business and business management like me. These ethical strengths have helped me move through career development and move to senior ranks in my career.