Alice Howland is a psychology professor at the University of Harvard. At the age of 50, she is still in perfect shape and has the feeling that his life is actually on the right track. She is a smart woman whose intelligence and love for commutation is admirable. John, her husband, show an impression to her by calling her the most beautiful woman that he has ever met. During a class lecture, her memory starts to fail will discuss on a memory topic. Becomes worse during a jogging exercise? When her mind slows, and she begins to forget a thing, she writes down her hectic schedule, her menopause and the combination of her age. She uses her phone reminder and technical hack that reminds her of her duties, what as the illness progresses he slowing loses her awareness. Slowly we witness her memory declining, and the disease progresses within a little period.

She was worried that probably she was suffering from a brain tumor.  She books an appointment with the doctor for a consultation where she is asked to go for a neurologist test. The results state that she has Alzheimer`s, the information devastates Alice. Her genetic testing revealed that her kids had a 50% chance of inheriting the disease.

She keeps it a secret from her family for a while, but later she decides to tell her husband of her condition. John who is her husband and a researcher and professor at Harvard University chooses to look for catalysts medicine for the medication already provided. He devotes himself to researching the drug while Alice continued with his memory failure. She copes with finalizing of the semester and head to a vacation away from home with JohnJohn.

Her memory failure progresses for a while until the student begins to complain of her previous semester’s performance. Alice informs her department chair who thinks it is not a good thing to continue teaching. This breaks her heart, the fact that she is not a mentor, a teacher or a researcher anymore. In many year teaching has been her life. IIt has consumed most of her energy and time.

She struggles to cope with her new life, and she feels some pieces of her memory slipping away. At some point, she even can`t recognize her daughter anymore, but she admits that she has a younger daughter called Lydia. A daughter who has pursued law and a son who is in medicine are her other kids. John stands by her side, he decides to accompany him for a run, but Alice drops the activity since she no longer enjoys it. She later decides to resume to her exercise running since this would help her to keep her maintain her memory for a long time.

John is offered a prestigious job in New York, but Alice is afraid that she would be alone. She fears and the fact that John would not get an annual sabbatical off to have some time with her hurts her. Alice feels that this is probably the end of their stay since after some time she might fail to recognize him. John is reluctant to turn such an offer down. Her three kids want her to stay in Botswana under their care while John says that he will hire a caretaker for her, but the kids are against this.

As time passes the life of Alice becomes full of struggles that she can no longer remember how to operate the daily activities. She realizes the caregiver can help her in so many that she isn’t mainly spending time in a local park where they head home to her children. Anna her daughter has twin and Alice can recall their name, but she can associate with them in a good way. She recognizes the family bond, and she enjoys spending time with them.

At one time in the film, she wished that she had cancer. In her case, the statement was a refrain that was tragically reasonable. The film Still Alice is all about Alice life, but us shows how her husband and children and children can deal with her disease. John is seen devoted to her through her illness, but later he is wrapped up by his career. At some point, he is so cruel in how he reacts on Alice’s symptoms. Her kids do not know about their mother disease which is a devastating moment for the family.

Based on the title Still Alice, she remains herself and never lose the fact that she is Alice. She fights through her struggle and never gives up at any point in life. The film was not all about her constant struggle, but it reached a time where Alice successfully endures the obstacle. It’s a good thing that the filmmaker did not try to force any up beating end. Alice shows the courage to remain herself to the end of the film. She gives a triumphant speech at an Alzheimer event despite going through all those obstacles. Alzheimer’s advocates have dramatically embraced the film.