“Strange with A Camera” by Elizabeth Barret

“Strange with A Camera” by Elizabeth Barret is a documentary film produced in 2000. The principal aim of the film is to investigate some of the circumstances that surround the death of Hugh O'Connor. Barret was born and also raised in that region and the movie she explores few questions on public image and peoples lack of will and power to define themselves in the American media landscape. The circumstances that led to the death of O’Connor was a local history that had significance to every filmmaker and members of the society as well. In short, the documentary becomes an educating story of both essential and intrusion of cameras in our lives. The primary aim of this paper is to discuss how Barret used location to shape the whole story.

It is true that Barrett’s film does not neatly wrap things up for all the viewers. There are no easy answers provided from the movie just because there aren’t any. The documentary is like a question posed to the viewers about the making of the media and the close relationship of all filmmakers to people they handle and the societies they portray. The film recognizes that in any case there are some consequences to filming work. To the viewers, the film is an accurate reflection of a person whose region is portrayed and is fighting against all forms of stereotypes.

When it comes to film making, location plays a very integral role as seen in Stranger with a camera documentary. The killing of O’Connor took place in Lecher country, just the same county where Appalshop lived. When Barrett went in the community to make the films memories were still there. People had not forgotten what had happened as

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