Strategic Management

I think that Dan Price of Gravity solutions is a good leader and not just but good leader but a forward-looking, tactical and smart leader.  The pay rise to 70,000 dollars devised by him at Gravity is one of the modest methods to encourage employees to focus and perform their duties diligently. Despite the law or financial storms, the company may be undergoing the sound means to psych the employees is to offer them an incentive. Dan found it at the nick of time, and this is what energized the employees to work towards improving the company’s productivity selflessly. From statistics, it has been found that happy employees are more productive, in fact, 12% productive than unhappy employees. Companies with happy employees can easily outperform their competitors by 20% or more in productivity.

On the other hand motivated and happy employees are more sociable, generous, energetic and healthier. These qualities make them research and source more information on best performance modes and dedicate their time and resources to work. Happy employees also take very few sick days than the worked up unhappy employees meaning more time spent on the company’s productivity.   Generally, the bottom line of the productivity of any company is the impact of the employee’s morale. The pay rise action that was taken by Mr. Price at Gravity company was a significant risk with the situation the company was, but a good leader takes risks and has to accept loses in business to achieve. After taking risks, better ways are taken with integrity to outdo any failure. What is evident with all the humanity is living a life where all your needs are taken care of.  The pay that that Dan issued could meet all the basics of the employees. After the basics are met what remains for the employees is to make connections with other humans who are customers by improving relationships which should be genuine. The genuine concern and care obviously translate to action, and this is the strategy that catapulted Gravity Company. Therefore, in conclusion,  I think Dan is a great leader who should be admired by many managers to prosper.

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