Strategic planning


Strategic planning is the core of an organization. The management is responsible for planning.

According to our organizational objectives, it is our aim to market broadly and have excellent storage facilities of our products, create partnerships, maximize profits and minimize loses for objective one that is marketing. To be able to have a good marketing plan our products should be of good quality. We ensure a secured place for the storage of our products. This ensures that our products will still be in good condition even when delivered to our consumers — objective 2 and four that is profit and loses respectively. For the organization to be more successful, we ought to ensure that we maximize our profits and minimize as much as we can on our loses. This will help us achieve our five-year long-term goal. According to objective three, it is all about partnership. It gives us a chance to explore and understand what other companies are doing to be successful too.

For a strategic plan to be effective, it should be based on priorities. According to our objectives, we will begin with objective two and four. We are entitled to ensure that our products are of good quality. The product should also be according to our customers’ desires. This planning will take about two weeks we have to be accurate in our calculations. On to the second one, is marketing and warehousing the products that are to be manufactured should have a good storage place that is objective one. For us to get the perfect place for storage, this will take about two weeks.  The third objective to be executed will be the partnership. Giving the other brands, the reason to collaborate with us due to our good products.  For this objective, it depends on our partner’s appointment. Therefore, after all, plans have been made then we book an appointment from them.

For us to ensure a valid execution of our objectives, we should be able to gather information. Research and benchmarking is good for a start. However, it should be clear that what worked for other companies may not necessarily work for us all. When we have gathered the right information, then we seek for permission for our CEO. The CEO will be the one to approve of our plan. In about two months, we will have an appointment with our CEO. The plan is to be distributed to everyone in the organizations. We are open to any suggestions and requests. After all, we have one primary objective, and that is the success.