Strategic Planning for Compassion International

Strategic Planning for Compassion International


Strategic planning is it or the direction process by which an organization defines its strategy or direction and goals it aims to achieve after a specific period. It involves drawing a detailed plan of how an organization will allocate and utilize its resources to meet the set goals. The primary purpose of strategic planning for any department or organization is to set goals and provide means of achieving them (Bryson, 2018). It gives an organization or department sense of direction, leading to effectiveness and efficiency in resource utilization. For this assignment, I will explore strategic plan development for Compassion international, department of global marketing and engagement.

Compassion International is a non-governmental organization that pairs compassion with people who are suffering from poverty, specializing in child advocacy.  The purpose of the organization is to release children from all sorts of poverty including economic, physical and social poverty. In this way, the organization helps children grow into responsible and fulfilled adults. The organ

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