Strategies for Hiring a Program Planner in the State Health Department

Strategies for Hiring a Program Planner in the State Health Department

Job description for a Program Planner

The General Hospital is a public healthcare institution focused on enhancing patient quality and safety. The hospital focuses on delivering quality healthcare services to patients at cost-effective measures. The Hospital thus seeks to hire a Program Planner who will ensure the hospital's services are profitable, and there is improved quality of healthcare services (Beck, Leider, Coronado & Harper, 2017). The Hospital expects a potential candidate for this position to provide solutions that optimize the hospital’s current assets. The candidate should also use evidence-based principle for planning and be capable of leveraging data analytics to facilitate critical decision-making for the hospital (VanVactor, 2015). The candidate must also document, analyze and keep track of the performance of the implemented programs to identify any conflict in resource requirements, change in schedule as well as the need for new approaches to help the General Hospital realize its goals.


We shall prefer a candidate who can solve critical problems by using their competent skills and knowledge of operations improvement. The candidate must also be willing and ready to work directly with the senior government healthcare managers and with the patients on special occasions to identify the essential need to give

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