Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control

Strategy Implementation, Evaluation and Control


Environmental scanning is the ability to use information and acquisition that involves the use of events, trends and the existing relationship between an organization and the current external environment where the knowledge acquired can be used for future planning of an organization by the management. This helps the organization to understand thoroughly the external forces that may have an impact on the organization; therefore, the organization has to put strategies to mitigate it. Environmental scanning involves viewing and searching. It can be formal and informal. The scan can be used to prevent surprises and in identifying threats, therefore, gaining competitive advantage in the market which leads to proper planning.


Strategic implementation is the process that is used to turn strategies into actions as planned by the organization to its objectives. This helps to determine how you can take the organization into another level. The implementation of a strategy helps in the provision of a roadmap which can assist in improving the performance and obtaining customer satisfaction. This can enable a given company to reach at its destination as per the plans which they had initially. The Aurora Company has been able to gain more market because all the time they have been focussing on implementing their strategies by achieving its objectives and goals every year. This makes them remain in their competitive position all the time.

International Strategy involves the plans that are set to guide the commercial transaction that may include different entities with different countries. It requires more so the private companies. This is because different cultures have been adopted by various states and therefore, the need to understand them well (Moreland-Russell, 2018). Also the political together with the legal barriers can have an impact on the success of the commerce. This is more so seen in the developing countries because new markets can open and the existing ones improve. Aurora has been able to engage the countries it trades with by ensuring that there are ways of making transaction in which is more comfortable and efficiency. This has enabled it to have more customers worldwide which encourages more customers to be able to trade with them.

Governance and ethics dictate how business is conducted. The government has an impact on any business because of their ability to make changes which can affect the market such as the tax that is involved in giving a particular service. The government can decide to declare certain goods or services illegal. They control the importation and exportation of certain products which can affect the population in one way or another. This determines how the involved partner can practice the ethics which makes the environment-friendly and enabling for the business to be conducted. It also involves the tax that is charged on the goods that are being exported or imported. Ethics includes the moral principles that are practiced in the organization. Aurora has good governance that favors them to be able to operate within many countries.

Company’s Social values. This involves the subjective well-being of the citizens and the ability to be included in the making of the decisions that can affect them. This makes them have a sense of belonging which can help improve the value of an organization by achieving their goals (David, 2019). Social benefits can also include the welfare of the workers which is favorable such as right working conditions. This can make the workers responsible and honest in their work. When the services are excellent, it gives the workers a sense of giving back to wastes. Fairness also motivates workers. Aurora has been able to involve their workers by considering their social values which have enabled it to gain more market with time.

Innovation and Diversification. Change is the transformation of an organization by use of new ways. Diversification is the ability of an organization or company to enter into new markets which it does not currently operate on. Innovation can be in the form of technology which enables the activities done in the organization to be faster. This helps in the achievement of efficiency and accuracy by the use of machines. Diversification allows the growth of the company in the event of entering into the markets. Innovation and diversification can make the employees work harder so that they are at the same level as the one that is required. This can lead to the expansion of the company. Aurora has been able to come up with many innovations especially in the field of technology such as robotics. This has improved the services they offer and the ability to be efficient.

Legal limitations. These are the laws and regulations which are passed to limit the way products and services are exchanged. This is necessary because it helps in decreasing the potential violations which can be costly. They involve factors such as the licenses and industry regulation, the labor laws that govern the way employees should work and the time they should work (Ansoff et al. 2019). This is necessary because the employees can be able to defend themselves if their rights are violated. Aurora company has been able to practice and maintaining the legal limitations.

Evaluation and Control. Evaluation is the assessment of the activities that are being done while Control is the monitoring of the events that are being done against some standard factor.





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