Strengths Finder Assessment

Strengths Finder Assessment

The strength finder evaluation identifies five strength areas that are inherent in my life. They include being strategic, arranger, learner, responsibility, and an achiever. Being strategic is an indication of how innovative I can be. This means always thinking outside the box while solving problems. This is a trait that is associated with few people in day to day activities. The aspect of being an achiever is an indication that I put in hard work in issues that I get involved with. It is more of deriving satisfaction from the aspect of being busy and productive. The tendency to put in extra hours for assigned tasks comes in here.

As an arranger, it means that I have the ability to organize various things that I encounter in different environments. This includes figuring out how different pieces come up together to form something comprehensive and efficient. Responsibility, on the other hand, comes with the ability to show commitment in the things that I indulge with. There is always the drive to undertake the allocated tasks. As a learner, there is that desire to keep improving. This creates the urge to grasp any opportunity that might result in learning.

I agree with these strengths though not entirely. To begin with, I am not very strategic. When it comes to innovation, I have interacted with better people with regards to this scop

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