Stress Journal Prompt


This essay sets to critically compare my thoughts about stress with the information provided in the textbook about stress and the video thus identifying the existing differences and similarities that are present and also describe my position on the issue of stress.

Identification of Similarities and Differences from the Comparison


There exists a consensus among the information provided in the textbook about stress, the video which discusses how one can make stress his or her friend and my thoughts that stress is typically caused by factors present in both the personal and workplace environment of individuals and mostly results to physical, mental or emotional harm. The three sources are also in agreement that one of the most effective ways of managing stress is through committing random acts of kindness, caring and helping out others especially those who are in need. Such an act gives an individual a feeling of achievement and self-worthiness thus reducing stress level (Browne, Evangeli & Greenberg, 2012).


However, there exist varying views about the issue of stress from the textbook, the video, and my thoughts. For instance, in the video, Kelly McGonigal claims that stress increases the risk of death of an individual by 43% especially for those individuals who have the perception or believe that stress is harmful to one’s health (McGonigal, 2013). She then argues that changing one’s perception about stress by considering it as friendly to one health can help one’s body positively respond to stress thus reducing the adverse effects of stress (McGonigal, 2013).

On the other hand, Barry and Monique suggest that factors such as change at the workplace, failure of an individual to maintain a balance between personal and workplace life, poor working environment and lack of competent leaders at the workplace are some of the primary factors that increasingly cause stress in people (Reece & Reece, 2016). According to Barry and Monique (2016), the use Employee-Assistance Programs among other therapy options can help an individual cope with psychological disorders that are caused by stress such as depression, burnout, and anxiety (Reece & Reece, 2016).

I, however, think that it is impossible and unrealistic for all sources of stress to be eradicated. It is therefore essential for people to deduce effective stress management strategies such as avoiding stress and regularly visiting psychiatrists whenever one notes any development of stress signs such as lack of sleep, increase in anxiety and reduced interaction level with peers and other people.

My Position on Stress

I profoundly believe that how an individual thinks and acts when stressed up can effectively transform how he or she responds to that stress. Positive perception about stress can help an individual stimulate the stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in such a way that they make a person gain the courage and become resilient towards fighting or eradicating the stressor rather than deciding to isolate his or herself like how most of the stressed people end up doing. Therefore, developing a positive attitude towards the factors causing stress in ether personal or workplace environment can assist an individual in effectively responding to stress and reducing health risks associated with stress.