Stryker Corporation

Stryker Corporation supplies hospital with medical devices and equipment. The company manufactures the products in its plants and is one of the most recognized suppliers of hospital related equipment. To gain a more competitive advantage, the company had to increase the range of activities it operates in. Stryker Corporation had to acquire Boston Scientific’ neurovascular division which manufactures medical products for body systems like the brain, circulatory system and central nervous system (Burns, 2007). This enabled the corporation to increase its products. The corporation exports the neurovascular products to other nations outside Europe. This chain value process helped to increase the market share of the corporation.  Stryker Corporation should also introduce the production of medical products for other body systems. This will give it a competitive advantage in the market. Hospitals will be in a position to order medical products from one corporation which is more comfortable. With the expansion of its internal activities, the corporation will be in a place to serve the needs of most of the hospitals (Wilensky 2006). In addition to supplying medical devices and equipment, the company will also meet the medical products needs of its clients. This will enable it to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Expansion of the number of internal activities it engages in will be of great importance to the organization because it will increase the value of inventory and the revenues received from its transactions.

Stryker Corporation is one of the leading firms in its industry. It has various strengths which enables it to protect its existing market share and also penetrate into new markets.  One of them is that it has a good relationship with dealers and distributors, which play an important role in marketing the products of the company. Another strength is that Stryker Corporation has automated most of its internal activities. As a result, there is consistency in the quality of products offered by the company. The company also has a strong distribution network in different markets. This has enabled it to reach most of its customers in various regions; hence it is a reliable company when it comes to medical equipment and distribution. Stryker Corporation has a track record of developing new products (Kendrick et al., 2016). It began with the manufacture of medical equipment. It went further to medical devices and then neurovascular products.  This implies that with time hospitals will be able acquire all the hospital related products from the company.

Stryker Corporation has various weaknesses which affect the business. One of them is that is does not focus on demand. As a result, it ends up having a lot of products in store. It specializes in medical devices and equipment which are not in high demand like medical products, which are required on daily basis by hospitals. The innovation of the company is below that of other players in the industry. This is despite the corporation spending a lot of money in research and development. Stryker Corporation also has limited success outside its core business. It has been challenging for it to deal in other products successfully due to its current organizational culture.

There are various areas in Stryker Corporation which can be enhanced through process improvement and investment. One of them is innovation, which can be achieved through investment in research and development (Sarkees & Hulland, 2009).  The sales of the corporation can also be enhanced through improvement in the process of establishing the demand for the products it deals in. By doing this, the corporation can produce more of the products demanded in daily basis so that it does not keep some items in store for a long time. The company can also improve on the area of hiring and selection, to ensure that it employs qualified staff. As a result, it will reduce the cost of training and developing its employees.

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