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Subway has witnessed tremendous growth from the time it was established in Trinidad. It has established itself in a market that was well dominated by McDonald and KFC. As a result of this growth, Subway has ambitions to expand and have a market share that is larger than its competitors. It is therefore right for Subway to have a proposal for a sustained plan that will enable it to continue the excellent service delivery and expand on the domestic market. This can only be done through internal examination of the environment for the best ways of expanding. The expansion can come in terms of price leadership or introducing new products to the market. This study aims to give an internal analysis of Subway environment of operation. The analysis is done through the use of investigation to potentially introducing a new product or having priced leadership with numerous recommendations given regarding factor on the market mix.



In the year 2014, subway financial report showed that the company had witnessed a massive increment in revenue within the Trinidad market t. Because subway has many ambitions and plans because of its expansion, the business is currently occupying one of the most significant shares in the market. It is therefore crucial for Subway to propose numerous plants that can be sustainable and help it expand from the domestic level.  There are ways of doing this. One is giving internal analysis or external analysis. The markets within their domestic level can be analyzed through the use of external and internal environmental factors, especially when introducing new products. This report will give an analysis through the use of the environmental analysis, SWOT analysis, and other investigation potentials together with the marketing mix. Also, the report shows the pricing is done to attract any customers when there is the off-peak season and during the hours when it is not off-peak hours. The strategies are geared towards increasing the demand for the products that have been known to be healthy and promotes environment conservation (Blasi, and Jennifer, 2019, 1). Through emphasizing on the health issues and any obesity campaigns, many people can relate the ideas initiated by the company to improve customer relations. The campaigns for advertisement have to be as consistent as possible Advertisement campaigns should be as consistent as possible, to improve on the common image. The sublime messages that subway should rely on are also crucial in many ways (Coolbroth, 2017, 4). At the same time, it is recommended that they should incorporate television commercials.

Report on Promotion Pricing Placement

Subway has always targeted middle-class people and the upper segment of the market. However, it is a franchise that deals on lower prices as compared to the other fast food franchises. The company also offers promotional campaigns that come with popularity to increase instant sales volume for the franchise in different locations (Young, 2017, 3).

Promoting itself as a fast food chain that offers healthy food, it has advertisements need a teenager who lost more than 240 pounds after he had switched to subway sandwich diet for a year (Abbott, Ramchand, Chamberlin, and Marcellino, 2018, 674). He is the Spokesperson of the company and inspires more people who want to lose weight thereby increasing the market share of the company. Subway has benefited massively from its presentation of the products and strategies that employees are marketing campaigns for weight loss.

New Product Introduction

Subway brand is a privately held fast-food brand that operates as a franchise primarily. The brand sells sandwiches and salads and has been the fastest growing franchise throughout the globe (Cadario, 2016, 130). A branch in Trinidad functions as one of the global franchises and assists the restaurants within the country to target the domestic market. Subway originated in the United States and entered the market after it was introduced in the year 1990. Currently, it is one of the largest markets that exist outside of the United States. Modern 500 stores are existing and the nation. Subway has had numerous efforts that enhance the public attention especially when it comes to health and diet. The company has gained the market shares over some of the traditional foods including McDonald and KFC. Subway products are famous because they have low fat and they have high fiber which is usually recommended for the health benefits. Because the product only has 6 grams of fat or less, many dietitians recommend products of the subway.

The Current Market Share

By performing a SWOT analysis, numerous strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats can be determined especially when releasing an internal report. A good SWOT analysis helps in developing a strategic plan for the company to determine the key factors within the external and the internal environment. This helps in the development of a new product. The company can then adjust based on that SWOT analysis and make up for those differences. It has been noted that subway has lots of opportunities especially when it comes to the fast food industry and has challenges that are generated from the internal environment and external environment. This is why it is important to introduce a new product.


Strengths for subway comes from the opportunities that are presented to it in terms of health benefits. The food that is supplied by subway is fresh, and new products are usually freshly cooked. The other strength is that the products are cheap and the customers are allowed to bargain for the products (Yolanda, 2016, 56). This is in contrast to the other competitors that do not allow the customers to bargain for the products. The other strength is that various subway retail chains are continuously expanding and customizing. This makes the selection procedures easy. It provides meat and vegetables at the same time making it have a variety of products has the customers can choose from. This will make it easier to introduce and market the new product.  The other branches will make it easier to market and sell it.


The main weakness is that the service quality is mostly inconsistent from one store to the other. This makes it difficult for the customers to trust what they get from one store and whether it will be the same with the others. When competition becomes stiff, KFC has been providing better quality consistently. The consistency also depends on the place where the customers can buy them. The other weakness is that there is always a long queue because of the high customer flow that comes to the store. Even though this is not a direct weakness, it affects the overall performance as most of the time the queues are too long. The customers, therefore, give poor ratings as they take too much time on the queues. The queuing process in one cashier usually translates to low efficiency, and therefore it lowers their ratings from the customer satisfaction. There are those customers that do not like queuing. As a result, regular ratings of the company sometimes drop below the average (Dalken, 2014, 1). The other weakness is that their packaging and the shops of the product is outdated. There is a limited seating space at the stores where customers can take their food. This also leads to parity from the customers. All these weaknesses are related to customer service delivery. They are issues that can

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