Suellen Parker and Sandra Lee Philips

Suellen Parker and Sandra Lee Philips

Visiting art galleries is a fun and informative activity. Although galleries may get filled with an array of artwork from various artists, the artwork varies from high quality to average and to low quality. Opening from Wednesday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm, and The White Space gallery is one such gallery that hosts a variety of artwork. It is located at 814 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta. The gallery also opens on appointment. Against the Tide is an exhibition that is running from February 15th to March 23rd2019, and it features artists Suellen Parker, Sandra Lee Phipps, and Elizabeth Turk.

Suellen Parker, one of White Spaces artists and photographer, uses her creation to delve deeper in to the darkness of human experiences. Day to day activities give motivation to her artistry. The 2004 MFA Photography and Related Media graduate from The School of Visual Arts appeals mostly to external influences affecting individuals. Suellen’s artwork concentrates on characters with very empowering messages within them. Her art incorporates the perfect use of metaphoric ideas. She also holds a BFA from the University of Georgia.

Making use of plasticine clay and photography to create her imagery characters, she brings to life the images of the real and unreal world by digitally enhancing them through Photoshop. Her characters are not human, but can still be related to humans since they take plasticine human forms. She seamlessly attaches color and original images into an uncanny reality that fits comfortably. Additionally, she uses her skills to bring out artistic beauty and striking imagery of airbrushed perfection.

Suellen’s collection of exhibits include God has given you minds (a collection of portraits in the US Congress and Senate); Letting go statement, and many others are excellent pieces of core standards. One of her most touching work is the Hansel and Gretsel photography which speaks a volume on to the dilemma faced by children as they grow. The artwork is of two children, a male, and female who are standing staring into a hut that is built in what appears to be an entangled forest. The children seem lost and can be said to be contemplating which way to go.

A professor in photography, Sandra Lee Phipps, is a fine arts photographer and an alumnus of the University of Georgia. Phipps is an artist featured in White Space gallery and makes use of imaginative narratives, documentation, and symbolism in her style of photography. She utilizes the method of real pictures and exhibits a broad range of themes from street style photography up to feminism imagery which she identifies with by supporting women’s rights.

Sandra makes good use of her camera and scenarios to come up with beautiful, eye-catching work that represents or tell a story. She counterbalances light as a photographer to come up with visible, clear and relatable images that get filled with well-incorporated scenarios. In such a way, the artist intends to create a maximum impact on her audience.

Phipps artwork of Lesson of survival is a tribute to women and is appealing to emotions. She speaks of women’s survival, buried memories, creativity, and confidence. Sandra uses water as her symbol of strength since it is a necessity. Her simplistic images are guided by the real world, its challenging events, and truth in her creative process

Both Sandra and Suellen are talented, and it is not debatable that their style of photography differs significantly from each other. Additionally, both Parker and Phipps represent quality. However, Phipps work may fail to give out the artists meaning in her storytelling events. Taking a more in-depth look at the two artists’ works, one finds a more appealing and catching effect in Suellen Parker’s artistry. While both the artists showcase images of originality, the use of seamless real and unreal interactions by Suellen gives a more pleasing effect to her artwork, which grabs one’s attention due to the uniqueness.


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