Supply Planning Manager : First Job

My first ideal job after graduation would be a supply planning manager at a reputable company or organization. After conduction a job search on the internet, I found one that would be ideal for me; supply planning manager at Nestle Nespresso. I saw this job posting on the Nestle Nespresso Company website under the category of careers. That is where they post any job and internship opportunities in the company.

The job posting was ideal for my assignment because the description suited my perfect job after graduation. Nestle Nespresso is a company with a good reputation serving many people in different parts of the world. The company was founded in 1986, and since then it has revolutionized and redefined the way many people like their cup of espresso coffee. The company has significantly contributed to shaping the culture of coffee globally. Its core mission is to supply the highest coffee qualities to customers making them enjoy their coffee and create perfect moments. The company wants someone who can contribute to achieving their core mission by ensuring sustainability in supplying coffee for the customers which is something I am passionate about. In addition to sustainability supply, other vital responsibilities described and I am in a position to deliver are: ensuring compliance, planning for internal business functions, maintaining a high level of performance, sustaining the supply of good quality products, managing any risks in supply, capacity building my team and ensuring excellent operational.

The academic qualification for the job description is a bachelor’s degree in supply chain, business administration, finance or mathematics. This is something I am qualified in as I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in line with what is required. Therefore it makes me suitable for the position. The key experiences for the job description are: knowing the management of product portfolio, relevant experience of at least five years, experience in advance excel and leading a project in line with the job description successfully. I am not fully qualified based on the key skills required although I have met most of them. My vast knowledge in the management of product portfolio and advance excel experience qualifies me for the job. In addition to that, I have had an opportunity to lead a successful project in supply during my attachment period. The only thing I need to acquire is five years of work experience though I feel it is not a big hindrance as long as I have the skills requires to take up the role. I have only worked under that field for one year during my attachment period and volunteer work. Besides my work experience, I possess significant skills which are relevant for the job. I have vast knowledge on automation knowledge and informational technology, I know how to study and understand the market dynamics, serving customers to their satisfaction is one of my passions and drive, and I am very flexible and can manage a project effectively.

If I am to apply for this job in the future, I would use the worksheet to prepare my resume and for the job interview. It would come in handy in making the resume as it gives a breakdown of the job description and qualifications required. This is something I would use to evaluate myself and know my suitability for the role described. When preparing for the interview, I would use the worksheet as a guide to learn about the company and their expectations which would help me to answer the interview questions. When I saw the job description initially, I felt like it required a lot and I was not suitable for the role. However, after the worksheet which gave me a breakdown, I qualify for the job position as I meet most of the requirements described.