Survival Essay

Daybreak is an exclusively innovative and imaginative graphic novel written by Brian Ralph. The novel involves the zombies who are much more energetic and faster during the night while the survivors are less advantaged. The survivors place a central role in the novel rather than the zombies.The survivorsare the main characters. These survivors include; names, one-armed man and the cheerful guy narrating and the reader. The reader is the one rescued and becomes a member of the team with the courageous man lifting the reader out of the injury’s way.

Daybreak takes a phenomenological approach to survivalistfear. The reader has no clue on why their world is wreckage. However, the one-armed man serves as a journeydirector who takes the reader through the destruction. The quiet survivor; the reader wanders the wastelands with imaginary survivors circumventing the infected and the total darkness of the lightless worldpersonally. Indeed, the phenomenological approach works well since the catastrophe brings people together irrespective of what the reader’s actual character happens to be. In reality, they have to follow the one-armed man. The man has pretty of food, proveto be sane and possesses guns.  This paper will evaluate the theme of survival and also explain the situations they go through.

The title of the book Daybreak points out to brilliant since it highlights various points such as the devastated landscape the only left of civilization. It succeeds to craft a persuasive propulsive story out of a slow-burning, certainly nothurriedsequence of events that indebted us much to our inbornhumankind as they to the animalistic undead who are a continuous riskthrough the book. The book explicates true friendship and real humanity. Many people are a horrible group of self-centered Darwinian- type villains and misplaced in the helplessness to rationally process the stupid events around them, with the only other character in the book as a representativeof all collective type of wrecked survivors.However, there are people who see the importanceofaiding and lifting others.

Collaborationlies at people’s heart and the community at large. People are able to cooperate due to their daily interactions. For people to interact successfully, one has to send a signal of goodwill thus solidifying long-term contact. In the novel, the rescued is faced by a situation where he needs some support. The cooperation between the rescued and the rescuer helps to save their life. It is therefore evident that regardless of the situation human being should interact and create a close rapport.It is anencouraging truthanda reality to get the friendship to build upamongst the rescued and the liberator.Theactions build in both risk and nasty realization. The reader is drawn into the notion that life may be miserable and horrific in one sense but there remains the capacity for the world to be hopeful.

In the book, both horror and hope are drawn into the same scene. This makes it difficult to capitalize on the lives of everybody in the novel. Even the unstableelderly man who causes them much distress comes fitted out with adequatehumankind that you can’t help but feel him. The situation is much touching since it is painful to lose cherished people.

The novel explains the challenges faced by the survivors. The one-armed man has adopted a living mechanism though he has only one hand.Human beings should, therefore, adapt to changes regardless of their situation. The author discourages the concept of Charles Darwin on survival for the fittest. Darwin advocates that the most robust organisms should survive while the weak organisms to cease existing. Individuals should not embrace this principle since they are able to adjust to the prevailing conditions. Human beings should learn to persevere and endure harsh conditions. Remarkably, this has been portrayed by the single-handed character.

The novel centers more on the zombie intimidationsinstead of the bloody carnage scenes. The area is full of confusion and moment-by-momentnarrative of a survivor’s terrifyingscuffle to stay alive. The story follows the reader and his/her companion as he/she make his/her way through the remnants of the wrecked house, upturnedvehicles, and piles of garbage. The zombies are staggering after the reader and his companion. The wholescenery is rubble spread wasteland occupied by the reader, his/her companion, zombies, and afrequentlyunfavorable and undependablecolleague survivor. The story is all about the power of friendship. The story highlights dire conditions when an individual requires a friend’s support. The reader has started creating a solid bond with the protagonists though they have been together for a few days. The reader and the protagonist do not share deep and personal stories since their interaction and companionship is exclusively based on living through the night.

The authors, the artwork also expresses the nervousness of the survivors by using dark brown cartoons in the six-panel lattices on off-white papers. The drawing also demonstrates theirblatantsadness. Invitation of the reader into a living place of the one-armed manleadshimin confusion. The one-armed man says it is quite long since he had a visitor in his house. He tries to he would do everything for the reader to feel comfortable even though he stays in a cave. The cave is not conducive, but due to the circumstance, the reader has accompanied him.

During a crisis, people react differently; some will feel depressed, anger or despair.Some people are adversely affected to an extent of experiencing the three conditions. There are people who lose the sense and meaning of living anymore. In the context of the novel Daybreak, the survivors had been in the same situation. The bloody scenes overturned vehicles and destroyed landscapes. The author denotes that one of the survivors was unfriendly and untrustworthy. Perhaps this was due to the impact of the tragedy.

The interaction between the rescued and the rescuer significantly explain the intimacy created between them. Notably, this is determined by the time spent with an individual, help offered, sharing conversation while confined to a given environment. One would not care whether the person next to you is a stranger or not. In such a dangerous environment the reader creates a strong friendship and warmth with the one-armed man and the lucky dog. The writer, however, states that such a relationship may end up setting you exposed and vulnerable as for the case of the deranged old man.

The writer is a proficient narrator, novelist, and illustrator. He clearly understands the harmful effects that would outbreak the human mind in an apocalyptic sphere but also appreciate that for all the frightening and dismay, the human soul has the capacity to overcome even when it is too challenging.  The conclusion is a thing of tragic splendor, holding the stability amongst brutality and kindness, harm and achievements, loneliness and hopefulness. The reader is also reminded that even at times when everything turns to be the worst it is possible to have the best times. The book also reminds us that experience is part of human survival.

In conclusion, the theme of survival is evident in the comic novel. The author pools the reader as one of the characters and also one of the survivors. The survivors are also faced with great confusion since they are stranded on what action to take.The survivors are in a critical condition and there is a great need to have friends. The reader is, therefore, interacts with the protagonist and is in strong cooperation throughthey share less about personal lives.

The one-armed man is hospitable and guides the reader through the ruins. The silent survivor has no idea why the world is in a wreck and therefore the one-armed man also a survivor is to take him through. Human beings are social beings. The reader is taken hosted by the one-armed man though he lives in a cave. The reader is much willing to get support from the colleague since there is no other alternative. The horror also staggers behind the survivors thus creating more tension to the reader.

The author uses brown and white paints in his artwork. The colors are symbolic which indicate the desperation of the survivors.  However, the story ends up in a happy reunion. Outstandingly, this implies that, even when a bad situation prevails, there is a chance for happiness in the future. Human beings should portray humankind with the spirit of helping the needy. There are individuals who are less concerned with the welfare of the rest and therefore, careless about what their colleagues pass through.

Risk and survival go hand in hand and human beings should develop an instinct of handling challenging situations. Charles Darwin is an advocate of the best organisms to survive while the weak ones die. Human beings should, however, not adopt the principle. Instead, they should develop mechanisms which would help them overcome challenging and difficult circumstances. Since the human being is social beings, theyshould interact and share ideas.  The reader is guided by the one-armed man and assured that he will be safe in the cave.


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