Teachers and Service Delivery

Teachers and Service Delivery


Based on the readings in the CDE Handbook on Developing & Implementing ECSE Programs, describe the Models of Service Delivery for infants and toddlers age birth to 3 and preschool age children.  Discuss the benefits of inclusive programs and providing services in natural environments. This question assesses performance relative to course objective 2. (4 points)

In the models of service delivery, parents tend to provide an array of settings. The coordinator is normally accorded the responsibility of ensuring that various services in the children’s IFSP have been listed. Few children tend to receive group meetings based on the nature and scope of services accorded by LEA. On various occasions, LEA tends to provide services to children experiencing low-incidence disabilities every year. These early intervention programs help children in their growth and development while building their relationship with the parents.   Teachers and parents ought to work in partnership so that they can offer all the details regarding the children’s needs for the development and growth to be actualized.

In California, there are several service delivery models including

  1. Special day classes
  2. Dual enrollment in special education
  3. Co-enrolled programs in the same class environment
  4. Selected guidelines that are offered to children at home
  5. Special education services that are offered to students enrolled in publicly funded

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