Teaching and Students

Teaching and Students

Students at different levels have different needs that are diverse. Often, the teacher should aim at meeting the basic needs of the students when teaching. Thus, the teaching strategies adopted should be such that they focus on students towards achieving their intended goals. Both the video on the students making choices and the book depict various teaching methods based on the level and the needs for students in the class.

From the video, the students involved are those in the First-Grade Class ranging from emergent readers extending to those who are nearing the end of second grade. Having been classified as understood the students well, the teacher in the video applies workshops as a teaching strategy. By using workshops, students can choose the work to do at the same time interact among themselves. The book also embraces this teaching strategy when it talks of the teacher asking students to go in groups for brainstorming.  Similarly, Workshops involves students working in groups to meditate about their reading challenges and think of possible solutions.  Reading workshops give students have an opportunity to choose either reader’s theater or independent reading depending on what allows them to improve fluency and intonation. Sometimes, shared reading is applied as a strategy in reading where students read in groups to enhance the confidence in students while learning. Shared reading is practically applied both in the movie and the book by Ms. Pursley and Mrs. Goodman respectively.  It is common that some students lack the confidence of their own and when read in groups, they tend to perform well. Another strategy indicated by the movies and similar ideas shared in the book is having one-on-one interaction with the students where reads out to the students and lets them read on their own while alone with the teacher. The teaching strategy is meant to ensure that students are not disrupted while reading and the teacher discovers the weakest areas of the student.

Hence, teaching can be a success if proper teaching strategies are applied. For the case of the movie, workshops shared reading, and one-on-one reading are the commonly applied strategies. Similar approaches have been indicated by the book and reflect success in the use of all the three teaching strategies.

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