Team 4 Co. Response to Request for Proposal

Executive Summary

The aspect of global competitiveness is regarded as an imperial and crucial factor in the modern world. Companies are under pressure to comprehend the innovativeness and ingenuity of relevant industries to stay ahead. Team 4. Co.’s primary objective is to provide a platform through which companies of diverse industrial backgrounds can assist each other, communicate and share information about ways to improve global competitiveness. As such, the company is stanch towards providing services to businesses, industries, and communities of such information to create a platform for innovation and invention. In the recent past, partnering with government institutions and entities has merited the company’s effort to improving education and synchronization of partners in ways to boost global competitiveness from a grass-root level and on a technological-based point.

The Core value of the company is to provide real-time information regarding innovative and inventive strategies currently in the world for the benefit of various industries in America to improve on global competitiveness. Team 4 Co. comprises of 1,000 employees situated in different cities in the United States of America such as New York, California, Miami, Oklahoma and recently, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The company is primarily managed by a conglomerate board of directors that include Haimeng Shi (Chairman of Board), Hao sun (Chief Executive Officer), Poonam Vasantha Kumar(Chief Financial Officer), Mahaze Thomas (Chief Customer Relations Officer), ShayrmaTokah (Chief Operations Officer) and C. Gore Arthur (Chief Research Officer).

The company’s information:

Co. Address: 14911 Fourth Avenue, Washington, D.C.

Phone Number: 20002-2311-221


Primary contact person: Hao Sing – Legal director of project allocation

Relevant Client List

The company has been operational for the past 50 years providing high standard professional services to diverse clients. So far, the business has provided extension services to clients in the eight cities in the United States of America including IBM, Apple Inc., and county governments in New York, Washington DC and Oklahoma among others. The company recognizes the impact that technology brings including media communications and this has been the focal communication point for the core values of the business. As such, the firm through its central website offers connectivity on more than ten industries including steel manufacturing, oil and petroleum, advanced medicine, computer technology, and small-and-medium enterprise market opportunities. Further, the business has also offered training both in-house and professional-based training for employees of the companies that seek additional services from Team 5. Co. The firm, besides, provides consultation services from which, depending on the industry, size of business and expansion capabilities, a business is equipped with the best solution to improve on operations and market competitiveness. In a nutshell, the company aims to provide a platform from which, the business can create a membership based on their industrial level and type, and are made aware of the recent innovations or to-be inventions that will impact the market significantly. From this perspective research from the company as well as affiliated business, local American enterprises are aware of trendsetting impact opportunities and how to monetize on them.

With the improved commitment of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -Governor’s office Go-TIME initiative, the company’s services will be beneficial in improving the government’s strategy in efficiency in the provision of services to the businesses in the area. The company will deliver products that are budget-friendly, real-time sensitive, services that are customer-sensitive and ensure follow-through of implementation of programs in improving business portfolio within the region. Inherently, the business will tailor solution-based strategies in providing that business owners, employees, and government entities are aware of the solutions to the problems faced in the industry. Therefore, the company’s ultimate goal would be to improve on the economic outlook of the region through the Public-Private Partnership.


Firm Stability/ Implementation Experience

Team 4 Co. is a leading American giant in providing solution-based strategies in regions based on business competitiveness. In the recent past, the company has enabled improved business implementation forums in more than ten cities in America with the sole aim of increasing business start-ups in America. With more than 1,000 dedicated and highly skilled employees, customers have assured follow-through holistic diagnosis of recurrent and unprecedented problems in emerging industries as well as conventional ones. Notable accomplishments include:

  1. Named by Forbes Magazine as “trendsetter company for America” in 2016.
  2. 300 business start-ups since 2000 with a market valuation of more than 10 billion USD
  3. Expansion of 100 pilot business to the international trade market.
  4. IPO listing at New York Stock Exchange with a valuation of 50 billion.
  5. Company website portfolio was amalgamating diverse solutions in modern-day including manufacturing, oil and petroleum drilling, medicine advanced technology and training packages for employers and employees.



Qualifications of Key Project Team Members




Figure 1: A representation of the company structural management.











Position Role Title
Project Accountant Responsible for the financial security of the assigned project Roy ChandlerMSC.

Aby Taylor acc.

Director Supervisor to project day-to-day running and handling of customer issues Tati Hoojavi


Project Manager Responsible for management of the current project 1.      Sam Smith

2.      Taylor Mac

3.      Castle Peter

4.      TecnoAtyles

Director of Research Administrator to current research Adam Roznak


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