TEKS Grade Level Comparison K-5

TEKS Grade Level Comparison K-5

ELAR (7) B

Expectations: To identify and describe the main characters.


Expectations: Analyzing the relationships of and conflicts among characters.

Similarities in Student Expectations

  1. The first similarity is that we recognize and analyze the student expectations by the use of literary elements within and across the grades’ increasingly complex classical, contemporary, traditional and by using diverse literary texts.
  2. The second similarity is that the student expectations all through downwards in section B, students are expected to talk about the characters and nothing else outside the characters in the literary texts.
  3. The third similarity is that more information about the characters is to be generated by, listening to what they say, how they speak, what you get from the character as you read, noting down what we understand about the characters and think deeply to discuss about them.

Differences in Student Expectations

  1. At kindergarten, we only identify and describe one or more main characters whereas the 5th grade expounds the content of the characters in analyzing their relationships and conflicts in the piece of work.
  2. At Kindergarten grade we only deal with the main characters while in the 5th grade we work with all the characters including the minor and major in the analysis.
  3. The last difference is that at Kindergarten grade the students are introduced to the characters through identification and slight description about them while at the advanced level 5th grade the students have vast knowledge about the characters including the minor and major characters, their traits, why they act the way they act and changes that have occurred in them.

The comparison of the TEKS is essential for both the pre-service and in-service teachers because it helps them understand the contents that the students have learned in the prior grades. Therefore, harbor information of exactly how to connect the previous and the current ideas, and what they expect in the next grades hence enhancing students understanding.

From this exercise, I can deduce that the TEKS is a valuable model in teaching and should be employed by all the teachers because it enables the teachers to have the contents to deliver at fingertips even if they are shifted to other grades.  It also makes the teachers to provide the students with the right information at the right grade level hence enabling continuity in the flow of ideas being delivered.

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