Televised Presidential Debates

The 2016 election of Donald Trump was a tightly contested election, and the televised debates might have had a significant role to play in the results. Comparing to the last election, some of the tightly contested elections were in most case affected by how one performed in the televised debates. As opposed to listening to the discussion over the radio, the televised versions help to give people the chance to see the leader who seems more composed and ready to offer leadership. In the case of 2016, it might be hard to say that Trump might have won the debate. There are still many issues that surround the election; however, one clear thing is that Clinton seemed to offer more convincing discussions on the elections debates. She might have won the contests and might have affected the elections since she won a majority vote. It is thus clear that the televised debates might have an impact on the ballot.

Anytime there is an election underway especially in the US the media would often anticipate the presidential debate and make it notional events of great importance. At times people have c

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