No matter where one is living, the issue of terrorism is affecting all of us not only in America but also all over the world. In this century, technology has enabled terrorism to be more rampant. Terrorists can detonate a bomb from miles away. Different terrorist groups have risen and are killing people in the name of revenge and religion. America for one has experienced different attacks with the most devastating being the September 2001 attack (Cynthia, 2015). On a global scale, terrorism is one of the challenges facing the world today.

If care is not taken, terrorism will become a global menace. Locally, here in America, there are domestic terrorists who are recruited by the terrorist groups to coordinate attacks. Whenever attacks occur, they are coordinated by local people. This makes the problem a local problem. There are reasons why the local people would be willing to support terrorist. One of the issues is the social structures existing today. With the unemployment rates increasing, the youths are the most affected and they end up blaming the society and the government for their woes. There have been cases of youths travelling to other countries to be recruited as terrorists (Cynthia, 2015). These youths always come back to haunt their own country.

Globally, the issue of terrorism is created by people who do not want to see peace prevailing. These terrorist have their own agendas and they are not always fighting for their own people as they claim. This issue is being addressed by different states. America for one has addressed the issue by being more vigilant in hunting down the terrorist. These terrorists are hunted wherever they are including their home country such as Iraq (Cynthia, 2015). There are other states, which have joined in the fight by supporting America in different ways such as by providing soldiers and support staff.

America has dedicated itself in fighting this global menace in all fronts. Other states such the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISON) are fighting against the Alshaabab in Africa. With the help of other developed countries, the AMISON has managed to counteract the terrorism issue in the region.


Combs, Cynthia C. Terrorism in the twenty-first century. Routledge, 2015.


Response to Kieron Parker

Hi Kieron, great line of thought over there, public health is a persistent issue worldwide. I agree with you that a disease had no boundaries and it will spread to any area. If the issue of public health is not handled locally, it becomes a global phenomenon. Consider the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The virus spread to several states until it became a global issue and it was controlled. Had the issue not been managed, today we would be talking about a global menace such as the HIV. The HIV virus spread all over the world but it really started somewhere. The society needs to be made aware of how to prevent some of these diseases. They problem is that states only act when the problem occurs which might be too late. Issues such as obesity, heart attack, cancer are very prevalent in America and yet people are not fully aware of how to prevent them.

Response to Brant Lund

Hi Brant, great work over there, I agree that climatic change is affecting everyone today. If Climatic changes are not managed, the next generation will be facing many more problems. The problem can be managed by using clean energy. To control the risk of climatic change risk, the mitigation, adaptation, geoengineering, and knowledge base expansion approaches should be encouraged.  This involves reducing emissions in to the climate. The society should also be having the capacity to deal with climatic changes to be able to manage the social impacts. Additionally, there should be deliberate exploitation of the earth system to counteract some of the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions. The societies should not just around and wait for nature to take course. Again, awareness programs should be more rampant in educating the society on how to prevent and manage climatic changes. This will enable more people to understand the problem and its consequences.

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