Textual Analysis of “Work” by Denis Johnson

A narrator is a young man, an alcoholic and a heroin addict. These addictions have made him engage in petty crime, cruelty, betrayal, and various kinds of loss, like the fight with his girlfriend. The narrator loves to visit Vine, a bar that is located in Lowa town, where he meets with his friends to form alliances.

The story starts with the narrator fighting with his girlfriend. He leaves the Holiday Inn, where they had been staying and using heroin for the last three days. The narrator heads directly to Vine, where he had planned to pass out in a corner. Instead, he meets an old friend, Wayne who asks him if he had any need for making money. The two drive out of town in a sixty dollar Chevrolet, to development of abandoned houses next to a riverbank. These houses had been evacuated due to a flood.

Our narrator thinks that they are going on a burglary job, but Wayne corrects him by saying, “You can't regulate a forgotten empty house." Despite Wayne's words, I can scarcely identify the legality of what the two are about to do. They were to demolish the walls so that they could remove the copper

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