The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is a game in the form of a reality TV show. The teams comprise of two people that race around the world competing with other teams, where every team strives to reach first at the designated “Pit Stops”. Eliminations are made at every stage, and there is a price for the winning team.

Team members tend to use various skills related to interpersonal problem solving. Among them is flexibility, coping with pressure, critical thinking, being team players and time management skills. Flexibility is quite important when the teams have made the wrong decisions, as it helps to bring things back to order within a short period after identifying the problem. There is a need to cope with pressure since the teams are undertaking daunting tasks and they have to manage their time well at the same time. Critical thinking proves to be important while the teams are using the clues provided to identify what is required of them. Being a team player is paramount since inefficiency from one member results to the entire team failing.

Watching most of the episodes brings a feeling that the skills that most of the teams lack are coping with pressure and communication. Pressure mounts since there are other teams involved and you cannot tell where they have reached with their endeavors. Communication, on the other hand, is affected by language barrier. Some of the countries that these teams have to pass by do not communicate in a language that they understand.

Not having the ability to cope with pressure affects other interpersonal skills like critical thinking, flexibility, time management and being a team player. This is likely to affect the success of a team. Poor communication due to language makes it difficult to identify some places. This results in time wastage hence affecting overall success.

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