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The American Dream Theme in Gatsby Novel

American dream is one of the major themes in the novel ‘’Gatsby’’ by Scott Fitzgerald. It is therefore prudent to conclude that the novel is about American dream. Scott Fitzgerald depicts the American dream and its demise by artistically make use of literary devices and symbols. The characters in the play seem to pursue the American dream. For instance Gatsby is full of hope that he will win Daisy back. From the novel, he is said to have and extraordinary gift of hope and he sacrifices himself to fulfill his dream. Throughout the novel, Gatsby struggles to get into the upper class but unfortunately the dream fails and his life finds an abrupt end. The novel insists that the journey of achieving equality as enshrined in the American dream is quite long and we are not yet there. Gatsby, though rich in his own ways, cannot be like Daisy or Tom. This is an indication of the big gap between different classes which makes it difficult for him to win Daisy.

Relevance of the novel today

The novel ‘’Gatsby’’ was authored in 1922. Nevertheless, much of the happenings in the novel are relevant to the modern society. For instance, the author of the play portrays the 1920s as an era of decayed social and moral values. Greed, overarching cynicism and empty pursuit of pleasure is a clear indication of a rotten society. Such behaviors are still rampant in the modern society especially amongst the youths where money and pleasure supersedes other noble goals. The different social classes evidenced in the novel still persist in the modern society. It is evident that Gatsby’s pursuit of Daisy is made impossible by the different social classes existing between the two and the same trend is evident to date.

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