The Architecture of Hagia Sophia Monument

Hagia Sophia is a religious monument based in present-day Turkey. The building was established in Sixth-century A.D as a cathedral in Constantinople region. Historians and professional architects view Hagia Sophia as a “modern” building owing to its designs and architecture. The structure has two floors and dual dome-shaped ceilings unlike the other monuments of the early Sixth Century A.D. The domes, in this regard, are towers above the dome ceilings within the building. Hagia Sophia is an outstanding monument since it has an imposing structure that distinguishes it from other buildings. The diameter of the Hagia Sophia is 31-33 meters, whereas the height is about 54 meters in measurement. However, its outlook has changed over time to reflect modern architectural designs. It is apparent from the observation that Hagia Sophia initially had a traditional rectangular shape with a wooden roof. The architects later

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