The Consumer Behavior Puzzle

The Consumer Behavior Puzzle

Consumer behavior is informed by many things including the phenomenon that makes it unique. Among these things are the attitudes and actions that are puzzling. Among the interesting consumer behavior phenomenon is the scene of people waiting in line to buy new products such as iPhones or new collections. This paper discusses this consumer behavior phenomenon in detail.

When new goods arrive in shops or are being mentioned on the internet, people are on the front line to get these products. These new products are the subject of discussions on social media platforms, and they are probably the most researched topics in the particular region where they are new. For example, when a new iPhone is about to be introduced into the market, the lovers of such goods keep their hears and eyes focused and turned on to hear such news. Any latest development on such a product is shared as widely as possible by social media users. The new topics of discussion usually keep society on their toes because they become the trending news.

As soon as the goods arrive in stores, customers are at the door queuing to get such products as if there are none of that type that exists. This behavior is quite exciting, interesting as well as puzzling in equal measure. Some reasons make these goods so accessible that people push to purchase and possess them. First, the communication that is made about the product must have been appealing and persuasive to the customers. The advertisement about the product must have been done such that it has already been made so popular with the people so that it becomes the new hot deal in town. When the message is received, consumers must be proven that the brand is satisfying as well as being of high quality which would make it beneficial. In this case, the brand popularization campaign must have been done stably so that the arguments that are presented seem to be so logical that they can never turn out to be lies. Additionally, supporting research about such a product must have been believed by many. For example, if a product is endorsed by a favorite and trusted organization such as the American Dental Association, people must have a positive attitude towards it.

More so, consumers learn that they shall get psychological benefits and satisfaction when using such a product and so they have to make sure that they grab one. However, the source of information must also be reliable and credible enough to be trusted. In other circumstances, the consumers are just curious about a new product that has just arrived. In a bid to satisfy the curiosity, they end up buying the product because they also want to learn more.

The marketing department in an organization that has its clients line up to purchase new products must have worked tirelessly to persuade the buyers. The people must be made to concede that the product is superior and shall satisfy them adequately. More important is the fact that the seller can comply with his/her request for pre-orders so that revenue is obtained to bring in more products. Therefore, the customers have their mindset about the product right. Thus, even if the existing attitudes about the product may not be positive, they are changed by the robust nature of the popularization campaigns.

Customers get persuaded about a product so that they even line up in a shop to purchase it when they have it personalized for their individual needs. This is because a personalized service has a personal touch and connection to the customers. Additionally, the product is meant to be more meaningful, and the seller makes sure that once the positive relationship is established, the link is kept ongoing. This means that in the case that the same seller introduces another product, the customers shall be ready to buy it immediately it is released. For example, the fact of Apple’s products which are so much trusted all over the world is puzzling. People line up to get an opportunity to purchase Apple’s products because they have a positive relationship and thus are persuaded easily (Grandoni, 2019).

At other times, there is a possibility that people line up to buy a product because it is in scarcity. The inadequacy makes the customers feel that they do not want to be left out and so they all rush to have the product or service because its availability is limited. For instance, the fans of Rihanna wait in line to purchase a ticket to enter into her show. This is because the seats are limited and the tickets get sold out fast. Therefore, each loyal has to line up to make sure that they get their card earlier to avoid missing the show.

The lining up of people to buy products or purchase services could be associated with authority such that individuals tend to have some high tendency of obeying some specific authority figures. For instance, Rihanna’s shows are scrambled for by fans because she has authority over them. Therefore, they would not fear to do anything to attend the show, even if it means lining up to get a ticket or to enter the venue of the show (products, 2019). There are some of the factors that are impactors of authority such as the dressing and titles. Rihanna’s dressing impact authority (products, 2019). Also, her claim as one of the best musicians also has a touch on music lovers. Additionally, peer pressure may be the cause of the lining up of high school friends who want to purchase a particular product such as an iPhone. They impact each other in significant ways, and they feel that they have the social proof. Many of these high school goers see that it is okay to line up to buy an iPhone because they have already seen many others doing it.

On the part of the managers, they get the opportunity to learn better when their businesses are flocked by many buyers who demand a specific product while lining up. The managers must try to determine the aspects that are getting the people to purchase in high numbers. In the same manner, more information is obtained by the managers that help them to manage the future stock better. As a result, the managers are in a position to evaluate the brand thoroughly so that they know the potential in the goods. Consequently, the target market is known and the business caton prepare well for the consumers of such products as well as personalizing and improving their experiences.




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