The Cultural Transformation: The girl with green eyes

An author uses different approaches in their work to present an idea and make it have an impact on an individual's life. While some of the methods might be effective in communicating a message, there are others that might not be effective. In the story “Girl with Green eyes” by Edna O'Brien seems to provide an insight on the issue of culture. She can take a look at how culture affects a young girl and her quest to find life. The primary question that one might seek to ask in this case is whether culture should impact a person's decision to love or people should embrace the freedom of the contemporary culture.

Thesis: O’Brien is clinical in how she presents the message of cultural conflict, and her works provide much insight into the changing times.

The story can only be described as the mixture of guile and innocence of Catholic Irish Farm girls Kate Brandy and her friend Baba who move to Dublin in the quest to get a new experience in life. The two friends meet Eugene Gaillard, and they all pick interest in him. However, it is only Kate that pursues him. Eugene already realizes her intention and resists the move due to their age difference. He is twice her age and thinks that this could not be a good thing to do. However, later Eugene takes the move to fall in love with her. However, one might have expected things to change when she realizes that he is already married and soon to be divorced. However, this does not seem to be the case since she appeared to be undeterred and moved from her goal. The two eventually fall in a romantic relation. However, there is a dicey situation that the two have to thr

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