The Distribution of the Sensible: Politics and Aesthetics

The Distribution of the Sensible: Politics and Aesthetics

“The Distribution of the Sensible: Politics and Aesthetics” primarily focuses on the idea of “distribution of the sensible.” The text defines the term as a system of self-evident facts of sense perception that reveals the existence of something in common and the boundaries, which express the corresponding sections and positions within it. An interesting observation the author makes is that politics is considered from this distribution viewpoint. The perspective provides the central perception regarding the distinction between aesthetic and political practices.Thus, the distribution of the sensible institutes collective mutual and exclusive parts.

“Sovereignty Matters,” on the other hand, focuses on the understanding of the cultural perspectives,political strategies, and agendas of the indigenous communities in the Americas and the Pacific.This text shows that after World War II, sovereignty emerged as a particularly valued term among native Americans. It signified many social and legal rights to cultural,economic,and political self-determination. During the time, activism played an essential role in creating political agendas and social movements for decolonization.

Additionally, activism aided the achievement of land-based sovereignty –a consolidatingmodel for the preemptive defense of land rights. In essence, sovereignty marked the complications of global native efforts to undo the ongoing experiences of an unfavorable political environment created by colonialism. Moreover, from the readings, it is evident that activism and land-based sovereignty signified the efforts of local communities to reclaim resources and political power.

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