The Downfall: Syntactic

The downfall is a historical drama that was initially produced in the German language. Der Untergang was produced in 2004 directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The producer of the film is Bernd Eichinger featuring Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara among other famous movie stars. The setting of the drama is in Berlin during World War II when Germany is on the threat of being defeated. The drama is based on Historian Joachim Fest's book Hitler’s Bunker and Until the Final Hour by Traudi Junge. It shows the final days of Adolf Hitler who was a dictator. The historian movie has the semantic and syntactic characteristics of the genre.

Semantic is an essential factor in genre classification which revolves around the name of the genre itself. Elements such as acting, costume, set, cinematography, and iconography help in explaining the genre of the movie. One of the factors that depict the semantic approach is the general environment or the setting of the film. In Download the context is in Berlin, and it starts with Traudi Junge and four other women arriving at Wolf's Lair in Rastenburg. , and shortly after that Hitler comes to ask their names. Traudi is the first to be tested for secretarial skills, and she is finally offered the job.

This setting is very significant in helping the audience understand the themes of the movie as it resonates well with the message of the drama. The Soviet artillery is also substantial in this historical drama as it portrays the attitude of Adolf Hitler(Hirschbiegel, 2004). When he hears the bomb he inquiries from his Generals where the gunfire is coming from.  The General only knows that there are in Berlin but doesn't know how

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