The Effective Analysis of 5 Articles

The Effective Analysis of 5 Articles

Alastair Leithead in his article titled Stanford prison experiment continues to shock presents useful information on of the devastating prison experiment ever carried in the world. It is fascinating to note that present some of the individuals who participated in the bogus investigation.  According to the article, the guards subjected the prisoners in the unethical condition where they were tortured in the name of carrying a scientific experiment (Leithead, 2011).  According to Zimbardo in the article, he clearly stated that the experiment was to a mock experiment everything changed drastically where the subjects of the experiment assumed the real roles of prisoner and same applied to the guards. Therefore, each party meant business.

The experiment took two weeks but due to immoral practices towards the innocent prisoner forced Zimbardo as the manager to call off the experiment. Dave Eshleman assumed the role of the, and he confessed that the whole process was a scam because all methods were didn’t follow the established scientific and therefore, Zimbardo was forced to call off the system after being criticized by his girlfriend. It is believed that Zimbardo was influenced by his girlfriend who saw the whole process as illegal and against the respect of human life.

An article by Martin Gansberg titled thirty-eight who saw murder didn’t call the police outlines some of the unfortunate criminal activities that are carried in the neighborhoods of the United States of America (Gansberg, 1964).  According to the article, many citizens are murdered in cold blood, and the law enforcement is unable to act on time because they happen within the shortest time possible for example, Catherine Genovese who a senior manager Hollis Bar was killed and those responsible for the murder escaped without facing the wrath of the law.  The police officer complains that the individuals in the society make it difficult for them to arrest the culprits on time because they witness such atrocities, but they are unable to raise the alarm. There are many cases in the article where there are people who witnessed when one member of the society is being killed, but they fail to notify the police in the neighborhood, for instance, the killer attempted to kill Mrs. Catherine Genovee two times, and on the third time, he succeeded on that. Some witnesses saw the killer walking in the streets search out for the victim. There are high chances the victim could have survived such cruelty if the eyewitnesses could have alerted the police.

Christian Rudder in his article titled We experiment on human beings expresses crucial information on how most of the different dating sites are used in carrying out separate experiment without the knowledge of the participants who have subscribed to these sites. The article also brings to the attention of how people were unhappy when Facebook was openly intervening people in their website, but according to Rudder all people who use the internet are subjected into the experiment without them knowing (Ruddler, 2014). OkCupid day decided to remove all photos and therefore, most of the people were involved blind. From the experiment, it was established that ladies are happy meeting the guys whom they have been dating through the website, but they had never gotten a chance of seeing them. According to the article having pictures on the dating site is great but they cannot be compared with the words that are exchanged between the two lovers. Many people will fall in love with another individual through having romantic conversations, but their looks become second in command.

Amy and Schwartz in their study titled the secret of effective motivation discuss the relevance of motivation in the current society. According to the scholars, two factors can subject an individual in engaging in a given activity, and they include the following instrumental and internal motives (Schwartz, 2014). It is important to explain the two concepts for greater understanding fully. Inner motives refer to engaging in a given activity with the primary intention of discovering some facts about the concepts while instrumental motives are concerned about engaging in activity to be famous and set international recognition of having done something special.

According to the article having internal motives is considered more essential as compared to instrumental motives. For example, in the military profession, those individuals recruited had internal motives in carrying the strenuous practices in training had better chances of perfecting their profession as compared to the cadets with instrumental motives in their training. Therefore, it is important for both internal and instrumental motives when carrying out various assigned roles because they complement each other.

The article discusses one of the experiments carried out by Milgram that received much criticism across all countries of the world. According to Milgram, she wanted to find out the atrocities of the second world war (Milgram, 1963). She had an urge of finding explanations why German killed many Slavs and Jews. According to the article, the experiment had severe unethical issues, and it faced fierce for instance the participants were provided with dubious lies, and moreover, they were given money to participate in the research. Therefore, there are high chances that the results of the experiment were not accurate.






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