The elderly in the society

The elderly are significant people in the community, and they require proper care.  Some of the elderly in the community become victims of sexual and physical abuse, and therefore they require some agencies that will advocate for their needs in the government of the state.  For this reason, Frederick community has agencies that promote for the needs of the elderly in the society. One of the agencies in the Frederick community is the Senior Home Care and Elderly Care Services.  The agency helps the elderly to live independently and safely.  It offers homecare assistance to older adults so that they can feel loved and cared for by the community.  The other agency found in Frederick is Senior Helpers in Rockville an aging agency which offers to counsel to the elderly who get stigmatized by the chronic diseases that they suffer from.

One of the advocacy actions that can be suggested to help the elderly is the creation of awareness among the older adults and provides them with information on the agencies they should report their aging issues to get assistance.  Also, another suggestion is that the community should be trained through the agencies so that it can change the misconceptions and attitudes on ageism.  Another opinion is that the accountability of the government in which the agencies can ensure that there is transparency of the decisions and actions taken by the government. Most of the elderly suffer from chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and others. Some of these elderly lack enough resources for their treatment, and there should be advocacy for the medical insurances to cater for their healthcare.

An aging policy needs to be developed in the Frederick community that will ensure that the lives of the elderly are secured and that they feel safe in the society. The population of aging in the United States is increasing rapidly, and for this reason, the policy for the aging population is required.  The aging population highly depends on the healthcare system of the country for their survival and for this reason the plan should be based on healthcare. Most of the older adults suffer from disabilities, complex health problems, and chronic illnesses.  Health policy for the elderly is the one that would be suggested for improved care for the elderly in the community.  This healthcare policy is supposed to ensure that despite the socio-economic status of the individual, quality healthcare is guaranteed whether it is ambulatory care of home nursing. Also, the policy is to ensure that the less disadvantaged receive medical insurances such as Medicare and Medicaid so that they can receive healthcare for their chronic illness.  This elderly healthcare policy also should focus on promoting community engagement and volunteerism by caregivers to promote healthcare system and improve the lives of the elderly in society.

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