The Family Unification Act

i. To eliminate the inherently unfair and non-feasible Diversity Visa Program.
ii. To reallocate the 50,000 diversity visas to the annual family visa quota.
i. Immigration: movement to another country.
ii. Immigrant: an individual who moves to a country in which they were not originally born.
iii. Illegal Immigrant: a person who is staying in a country illegally, without the permission of the government
iv. Permanent Resident: a person who is given permanent residence in a new state.
v. Undocumented: a person who does not possess documented permission to stay/live in a particular country.
vi. Detained: holding/keeping an individual in official custody.
vii. Deportation: the act of deporting a foreigner from a country.
viii. Naturalism: this is whereby an immigrant acquires the rights of a naturally born citizen.
ix. Visa: a legally acquired permit allowing an individual to enter a country.
x. Quota System: regulation by the government allowing for a limited number of immigrants in a given year.
i. The US citizens and their families receiving the additional annual family-based visas will benefit from this bill.
ii. This bill will impact negatively on persons who would have otherwise obtained the diversity vi

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