The first meeting of the Europeans and native Americans

The first meeting of the Europeans and native Americans

The first meeting of the Europeans and native Americans spurred significant rivalry. The differences were attributed to the diversity of their cultures besides the expectation of each of these groups failed to be met by the other The Americans thought that the Europeans would take significant parts of the resources especially the land. The natives viewed settlers as an obstacle to progress. Therefore they caused conflicts to oppose their plan on American.

I think they were rights in causing comfits. During such period there was an outlined and clear constitutional way of addressing such conflicts. The only way that people could understand each other was through disputes. The Europeans would be described as aggressors while the Americans acted as the agitators.

Their interaction was often conflicting since the preexisting conflicts of Spanish and England and Europeans had started way back before the Europeans came to settle in America. The territorial contributed to the occurrence of conflicts. The colonizers were thought to exploit the native’s resources belonging to the native country

  1. The French and Indian war occurred in the North American conflict. It led to America’s revolution since Great Britain acquired significant territorial gains which further led to discontent thus contributing t the American revolution. Therefore step could be described as a positive outcome since the revolution contributed to significant economic and political growth. At the end of it there was still a dispute about the border territories f French and British Instead the British government strategized to impose taxes on the colonies to gather for the expenses lost during the war.

I think French colonist played a significant role and it would have been better than the British. The colony was founded with the aim of defending its terror and that of its territories. Besides they had good relations with the natives even though they similarly relied on slaves for labor. They utilized such labor on farms and other activities.