The Great Gatsby

Nick’s Progress

Nick Carraway has morally evolved as the story plot progressed. His narration brings out his moral status as he endeavors to bring out rescued fragments of the events while maintaining reliability. His storytelling has successfully prevented the reader from forming any preconceptions and making the readers sympathize with him. The story begins with Nick being aimless and having a desire for adventure. He embarks on a journey that helps him learn fundamental facts about humans. The Midwest has moral confinements that seen to disturb Nick. This can be seen when he narrates that, “instead of being the warm center of the world, the Midwest now seemed like the ragged edge of the universe-so I decided to go East and learn the bond business, so I supposed it could support one more single man.”

Nick serves as the source of moral guidance in the novel, and he is quoted to have said that he is full of interior rules that act as brakes. Once Nick travels to the East, he gets to witness the carelessness nature of the wealthy. This can be demonstrated through the unrealistic splendor of Gatsby who holds exquisite parties to impress a long time crush or the carelessness of the Buchanans expressed by smashing up things and creatures then retreating into their money. Nick has unaffected scorn towards Gatsby which portrays him as realistic, sympathetic and a moral person.

However, the morality of Nick is highly questionable as he can be referred to as an unreliable narrator. He is bringing into light affairs of other men while he downplays his. His alcohol use is barely mentioned in the novel, yet he is an addict. He also glosses over the details about Gatsby’s criminal enterprises. A morally upright person would be upfront about exposing any rot rather than hiding it. A few pages of the novel are of Nick trying to defend and prove himself as reliable. He also characterizes himself as one of the few honest people he has met. A reasonable person does not attempt to prove themselves, instead their actions speak for themselves.

Gatsby’s love for Daisy

Gatsby had been in love with Daisy for a long time. He was not able to be with her before since he did not have the means to support her. Daisy is Nick’s cousin, and she is married to Tom. Despite her marital status, Gatsby still wants her. With the help of Jordan, he convinces Nick to invite her to his place where Gatsby will come. Gatsby has put Daisy on a pedestal, and it seems like he worships her. He hopes and believes that Daisy will leave her husband him. However, Nick can observe that she won’t because of the hesitation she had when going to her house. Instead of grabbing the baby and walking away, she stood at the doorway with her husband, Tom.

His actions towards Daisy can be described as those that are intended to prove a point. He has been working hard for years so that he can support her. His actions are therefore aimed to depict the level of success that he has attained. In preparing Nick’s house for Daisy’s visit, Gatsby cleans it, takes care of his yard and has Nick mow the lawn. This is even though the house is Nick’s and its appearance would not have an impact on how daisy views it. When they get to his house, Daisy is impressed by it but disappointed by his room which is simply decorated. To divert her attention from the disappointment, he shows Daisy his clothes, and she is impressed by how beautiful his shirts are.

Gatsby lives in a world of disillusionment. He knew that Daisy did not love him but his money. This did not stop him from pursuing what Daisy loved to win her over. The two had an affair, and every action that Gatsby did was for Daisy to leave her husband so that they can get married. Daisy later realizes that she is contented with her husband and therefore she left him. Gatsby passed away leaving all the wealth that he had acquired to please a girl. The lack of love by Daisy towards Gatsby is shown when she did not pay sympathy or respect to him when he died.

Nick’s view of Gatsby as great

Gatsby has successfully created a whole new identity for himself. He was a poor man that went by the name James Gatz. He has worked hard over the years to become a wealthy man with a big mansion that has a swimming pool and many servants. He also changed his name to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s. A brave person can only achieve the transformation, and hence Nick considers him as great. Gatsby is a man that has stayed true to his emotions. Everything that he is doing and that he has achieved is aimed towards achieving his goals. The love he professed for Daisy was great, and although it was disillusioned, only a few people can love so much. His ability to set out on a mission and be able to attain it has attained him the prefix of being great.

Gatsby may have been a criminal who was living a façade, but he was the most real person in the story. He stayed true to his mission and did not hide his intentions. His innocent persona may have been the reason he met his demise since he fell victim to both Tom and Daisy’s lies and misdeeds. George murdered Gatsby after being told by Tom that he is responsible for his wife’s death. Gatsby’s car was used to kill her, but it was Daisy who was driving it. Myrtle was Tom’s mistress, and that is why Daisy killed her. Gatsby was innocent since it is Daisy who drove the car and Tom who had an affair. He is great since he stayed true to himself and the society to the end.



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