The history of christianity

Schleiermacher argument is more convincing, unlike the others who related religion to other factors, he distanced himself from the notion that religion is informed by pure and practical reason. He was more objective in his analysis and majored on religion as an essential facet in human life. Unlike Kant who related religion to morality, Schleiermacher believed in the existence of onewhom all existence believes depends. The feeling is not affected by rational faculties such as morality but had the power to change logical exposition and ethical responsibility. He insisted that religion is dependent on human experience, and this provides a way in which the belief in God stands far from a criticism.  His definition of religion was beyond the Christian doctrines and justified the existence of other faiths. The information provided me with an opportunity to think about religion differently, as one that is informed by my contemplation, not other factors

The Presbyterian Church USA is one of the major denomination in the United States located in Louisville, Kentucky. It came as a result of the merger between the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. and the United Presbyterian Church in the United States. It has its roots in the protestant reformation of the 16th century. They have two constitutional books, the book of order and the books of confessions that guide their conduct. It is comprised of local congregations, headed by a session consisting of members who serve for a three-year term, and this contains the pastors who conduct church services and guide other church activities. The congregations also elect Presbyterians who form a presbytery which governs a group of local churches within a given region and is headed by a synod. The synods then form a general assembly which oversees the operation of all the churches.

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