The hospitality industry

The hospitality industry

As time goes by, business industries tend to face multiple issues that continuously change the way the operations within the sectors occur. One of the industries that have severely been affected with the modern issues is the hospitality industry. In recent years, it is admissible that managers in the hospitality industry have been made aware of the changing environment with the industry. The issues realized to have the impacts on the operations and development of the hotels as the management adopts various strategies to make hospitality grow to the level of other sectors. Some of these strategies that the hospitality management has tried to adopt involve the desire to reduce the cost of operations and the required change for sustainable development. However, following the dynamic nature of the hospitality experienced in recent years, various issues have come in that managers try to handle. One of the most common issues in the contemporary world hospitality management seems to be facing is the issue of technology and social media. Whether positive or negative, technology and social media seem to be taking a rapid evolution in hospitality keeping the managers on toes on how to handle it to their advantage.

There has been intense competition in the hospitality industry in recent years as the managers within the industry work hard to maintain and develop the competitiveness. However, the ability of the businesses to acquire and utilize the information technology has been a significant determinant in how the businesses within hospitality keep up with the competition. Thus, the focus in hospitality has shifted to the way the management within the sector handles the issues of technology and social media. The decision by the management has been influenced by how the technology and social media affect the way of business in hospitality concerning various aspects within the hospitality industry. For instance, the use of technology and social media has proved successful in the way the management works regarding the processes of marketing. Hence, technology, in particular, has been valuable in managing information in the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry.

Therefore, it is becoming increasingly crucial that managers in hospitality become aware of the recent changes in technology and the use of social media as a technological tool to improve the hospitality sector. This is the case since the increasing application of technology is likely to lead the industry into the competition that any business within the hotel industry might not be in a position to cope up with quickly. Then the rival companies will take the advantage to take away the customers that are loyal to their close competitor. Therefore, the management in

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