The image by a French photographer Thomas Jarion


This image is by a French photographer Thomas Jarion that presents the decaying decadence and crambling of the Italian palaces that were being used during early 18th to early mid 19th century.Thiomas Jarison who was born in 1976  lives in Paris,is an experienced photographer whi travels to diferent parts of the world to to explore and reveal nature and timeless landscapes.The reason why I chose this image is because it shows the bauty of historical lanscapes and appeals for preservation of human culture.The photo was taken in Italy July 24th, 2018.its a coloured photo.


The foreground of the image has a pastel color.On the left dide of the background there is a a damaged subsurface drainage that has broen grills.On the  left of the subsurface drainage there is also a door that is partialy shown by the photo.This part of the photo is also more glowing compaired to the right side of the foreground.The lower side of the foreground is well bright while the upper side  is darker,indicating less dense light.The Middle ground is delicateely bright but with shades increasing towards the left of the photo.There pieces of rectagular  wood-plastic composite pieces that have been deterched from their area of fitting .There are also small prieces of the Wood Plastic composite that seem to have been chopped,grided or cut into very tiny pieces and scatered at the middle of the photo.Due to the deterchment of the Would Plastic Composit pieces rom their possition in the floor,thereare some two holes in which one is square while the other one seems to have a destorted shape.       Moving from the centre of the Middle ground towards the right side of  the image,the saturation decreaases and the image shades while the right side of the middle ground has a low value.

The  Top part of the middle ground is harnoious with festive colors and decorations that makes it very atractibve.The its also bright with light that is emanatingfrom the foreground.the floor on the middle ground of the image especial on the centre part of the photo and on direction of the background has loosely interconnected wood plastic composite pieces that look weak and old.On The background of is bright and flouresscent.The floor is still weak and worn our as indicated bby brocken pieces of Wood plastic composite and wood plugs that are scatered on the floof.On the left part of the background there is an open door that paves way to the innner parts of the palace.The brightness reduces towards the door .The wall on the background is beautifuly decorated thoung it looks aged and the pieces of linen curtain meant to cover the wall and increase the beauty of the building is torn and now hugging on the wall.Towrds the back- right side of the background there is a door wich is paving way for light in the bulding and two scaptures of a woman which are on the eityher sides of the door.Further through the door there is a bulding with an old-standing beam and grills that can be seen through the glass.The whole image has a  visual texture.


The composition of the image is achieved through a rule of thirds technique as the Where the important parts of the image are placed in a line to avoid bisecting the image and to bring out unity.The highly decorative paintings that are now torn  and the damaged floor is placed at the centre to bring out the image of the decadace and aging.The left side which seems to have not undergone a lot of of damage due to aging.This is in order to buld up the image that the photographer inteded to bring; the fragile and ephemeral nature of humanity,that coauses a woder if the fate of humans are similar to this bulding which was once a palace or the fate takers another diferent course,and if its not,what future would look like.

The elements of the image are highly unified with no arbitrary or outlier elements.The damaged floor ,the aged walls and curtains are all put to gether to ensure that they buld the inteded message of the photo.Since this is an ancient photo,the photographer capture the beautiful decorations not only to show the aging but to bring out the culture of the ancient Italian people.Everything in the photo is coherent.The three dimensional picture is also informaly balanced.The informal balance is achievde through use of disdimilar objects in the photo that balance each other.The image is also has assymetric balance as the elements in the image are not arraged in a cymetric manner.

By looking at the image,it can be read starting from the foreground heading to the background.One of the vocal points is the centre of the midle ground of the image where there is damaged floor and wood-plastic composite pieces lying all over leaving unfilled holes on the floor.This illustrates how the aging of the bulding has resulted into the damage of the bulding’s structure and poses a sign of extintion.It tells the viewer that this historical bulding is likely to get totally damaged.The upper part of the foreground,middle and Background are highly decorated to communicate the traditional culture of Italians.This being a loyal house,the prestigious decoration tell how resp[ected and valued this bulding was as a culture of honour and respect to the King.

The image has high emphasis on the image and subject matter that is being presented.This is achieved through use of light where the parts that have elements that pass the message are jazzy and bright while the less important parts such as the right side of the image are dark and dull.


The image has a symbolic message.This art work speaks about the emphemeral and fragile nature of humanity and is inteded to incite us to thin beyond what we can see, and think of what the future hold.The image is not just inteded to indicate the level of decadence and torn  of the Italian palace.Its inteded to show us that the human nature is never lasts to infinity hence stimumating us to thin about our fate.The old and damaged walls were once beautiful  and well mantained part of loyal house.There was a time when the floor was well taken care of but now there is no one care about the broken wood-plastic composites.The wall curtains are torn  but have no one to replace them.The room is empty and there is nothing to fill the large space,only light that shades innto it through the open door,giving it a little hope for tommorow.

This has a direct reference to our lives.We are now at a stage when this empty bulding was a palace and well protected.This work further pushes us to look outside our immideat position and circle an think of how our future holds.It causes us to woder if ou future will be sililar to this bulding all it will hold something better.The image acts as incentibve for us to rethin about our lifes and look it at a broader horizon; when the decorative paintings and glory of the present palace will vanish what will be left? Is it an empty room with damaged floor and torn curtains?

The image an apeal to act towards a  threat of cultural extinction. Its a threat that the human culture is about to get extinct and humans are doing nothing about it.This bulding is a good cultural source.For example,the beautifaul paintings and decorations show the western culture with the two scaptures on both sides of door acting as a rich source.The design of the house is of traditional archtechture.With aging of the bulding and everything getting out of place,this rich culture is likely to get extinct,and we will have nothing to show our future generation.


In my opinion, though it might not be the greatest artwork,this image is worth preserving as an evidence that certain aspects of culture espected.Due to changes in time and human negligence and carelssness,some of the cultural aspects presented in this building are likely to vanish hence keeping the image will help save the situation.By examining the image,I feel atracted to it and especialy by the traditional paintings and  decorations as well as the nature of the arrtechural work and design of the bulding.It teaches me to appreceat culture and preserve the ‘old ways of doing things’.

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