The impact of comprehensive tobacco control measures

The impact of comprehensive tobacco control measures

The objective of the research in the article is to investigate the impact of comprehensive tobacco control measures that was conducted in New York USA between, 2002 and 2003. I involved a method that created policies that among them included the increasing of excise tax and making the smoking illegal to all public places and workplaces in the state. There was also conduct of programs that ensured that those addicted can recover from their narcotic addictions. There was also education and evaluation of the impact of narcortic consumption from tobacco.  The result of the study that was conducted from 2002 to 2003 indicated a general decrease in nacortic consumption by 11%. Thisis a reflection of a population of 140, 000   individuals quitting tobacco consumption in the state. The decline was observed equally among all races, and age groups, an indication that tobacco consumption is a non-discriminatory action in the state of New York.During the period, there was a drastic increase in the tobacco consumed outside New York. This made the effective price of cigarettes smoking to increase by a third.  There was also an improvement of the general health of the state based on the reduction of the common chronic diseases which are influence d by tobacco consumption. The research, therefore, concluded that the effort by government policy could reduce tobacco concentration at a higher rate.A further actual on tobacco, however, required the national action rather than the energy of one state. It is a factor driven from the increase of consumption in other countries outside New York.Therefore the same policies need to be applied in the entire nation.


Frieden, T. R., Mostashari, F., Kerker, B. D., Miller, N., Hajat, A., & Frankel, M. (2005). Adult tobacco use levels after intensive tobacco control measures: New York City, 2002–2003. American Journal of Public Health95(6), 1016-1023.

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