The impact of Health Care technology

Technology is the coming up of new ideas of tools and techniques.It started from the beginning of life and later on spread to nuclear power and computer technology.  It, later on, grew and became more and more reliable over the years. It is indeed with no doubt the technology has henceforth proven to be a definite asset to man. Gradually we see the life of man elevating for in cases like industrialization and globalization. Indeed technology has boosted our various areas.Such areas may include agriculture, health, business, religion to mention but a few. Technology and its advances have solved some of the great man’s troubles. Various  Issues such as poverty, unemployment, trading, and marketing is addressed.

Like many other areas, technology has found its way into healthcare facilities. It has indeed eased the operational works in the field of health care. Various technological advances have come in place such as; use of smartphone applications, use of sensor technology among others. In this case, the use of sensor technology has proven to be outstanding in the field of health care. Many of the gadgets have been used to provide a safer area of operation under healthcare.

Sensor technology evolved from the evolution of environmental particle technology in physics. From around 1943-1950 when the studies on the silicon and the germanium semiconductors were studied began the growth of the sensor technology. Studies from P.J Van Heerden showed how the photon could react with alpha and beta particles through the photoelectric effect. The result from the study could also become real when later a germanium detector was developed by Mackay in 1950. It was a massive success as various developments followed. As for later around in 1955 the silicon detector’s became a trending idea among many. Due to this most evolutionary study in the silicon detector, the first ever silicon strip was developed around in the 1970s in the Fermilab in conjunction with others.

Studies from the sensor technology have enabled numerous developments in wearable sensor technology. Evolving from the studies riding impacts on smartwatches, Fit bits, and LoT healthcare technology has improved. These gadgets embrace the use of sensor technology. It has made such a vast impact under wearable technologies. As per now, the estimation of the effect is around 1.21 billion dollars as of 2021. Indeed there performance has proven to be excellent and reliable. As much as many may view it as of only in the field of fitness, however, it has shown to be worthwhile in the monitoring of heart attacks, insulin level measures and signs of stroke.

Devices such as the Kardia Heart Health Monitor are used to detect heart attacks before it even happens. It is an apple based smartwatch sensor in conjunction with a mobile application that performs this task. It has saved on the patients’ time and money furthermore, it has relieved stress among patients. Patients no longer need to visit the doctor regularly to come across their uncertainties. Another important sensor health device is Diabnext which monitors diabetic patients. It uses knowledge of Artificial intelligence and cloud technology. The patient’s risk has minimized since writing an insulin record daily is not necessary. It connects the patients and sends the results to the respective doctor. Alheimerzer’s patients are also enabled to stay safe at home. A smartwatch “Theora Care”  sends messages to  AT&T network which connects patients to their patients. It provides the caregiver peace of mind to enable them to monitor their patients while at home.

Sensor technology in healthcare has impacted positively in the world today. It is indeed with no doubt that we strive to equip it as the future in healthcare technology. The above sensor technologies have continued to rise to the top due to their vast benefits; for example, they have given patients all over control over their diseases and ailments. By monitoring their conditions, patients have been save on their time and money. Most of these diseases were initially costly to control. The invention of such technologies is now affordable and easily accessible. On the other hand, these devices promote more real-life based symptoms for monitoring; therefore doctors are more confident about the diseases they are monitoring.

Although at the initial development of these sensory health devices were costly. Various government organizations have chipped in and thus enabled the cost to be affordable for many. Also, other non-profitable health organizations play a role in the supply of some of these equipment’s making it available to patients worldwide.

Below is a table outlining the number of recipients using home health care sensory devices over the years. (1995-2004)


As from the table, as the number of recipients buying home health care devices increased over the years from 1995 to 2004. However, at the beginning of the usage, the machines picked up at a slow pace. It was due to other factors such as cost, scarcity and many others. However, statistics have proven that these sensitive health care devices have provided a positive impact from its invention to date.




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