The impact of the Basel Accord on Islamic banks Group Presentation

The impact of the Basel Accord on Islamic banks Group Presentation

In the group presentation, the theme of our speech was on the impact of the Basel Accord on Islamic banks and the use of the Islamic banking system. Our team completed a study of the content Of the Basel Accord and explored its use under the Islamic banking system. I am a member of the group, sharing the research on the content of the Basel Accord, and conducting detailed analysis and comparison of Basel I, II and III.

The group leader arranged meetings for us to discuss and actively listen as members of the group. In the schedule of the group meeting, we organized four discussion sessions before the Christmas holidays, and which improved the efficiency of our research and enabled a clear division of labor. In the small number of work hours, we considered the division of labor through forecasting and planning. In the first meeting, through an internal analysis of the team and face-to-face communication among the group members, we determined each person’s strengths and weaknesses as pertained to preparations for the speech. Further, we analyzed the differences in the abilities of the team members, the cultural differences between us, and the composition of the team members. We assessed each’s abilities and the corresponding responsibilities that each person should assume.  We used the information to determine the duties of each team member, the number of members required in the small group and the number of meetings needed. Thus forecasting and planning during the first meeting were very important because, in the management of small organizations, effectiveness in personnel management is necessary. Therefore, the team leader had a pure American accent and performed well in delivering personal speeches in the past. Thus, the team members and I considered that she is qualified to be the leader. Therefore, she assumed the responsibility of the team leader, and as team members, we agreed to follow the team leader’s instructions and fulfill our obligations. In 1997, the identification of the role of human resource management within the organization was emphasized. However, in the group, management, and division of labor was emphasized,  because organizational processes needed to be designed, staff provided with support, and the flow of information enhanced through timely communication with the team members, and prompt response to the views that the team members expressed. An effective change management plan, the assignment of team tasks, dedication, teamwork, and good communication were the keys to success. The team leader assigned the group members different sections to study. My research part was the Basel Accord. The content was a part of the theoretical foundation of the speech. My proficiency in English is not as good as the other two members.

My oral expression is not as fluent as that of the native language speakers. It was challenging to express myself in personal speech. As a result, I was not able to express the content of the speech very well. My strength, however, was that I had more time to read the journals and articles about the Basel Accord and learn more about the topic. I am Chinese and can learn more from the Basel accord. The agreement affects the operations of the Bank of China. To understand this topic in depth, I had to study several Chinese articles about the Basel accord while also looking for English literature articles on the agreement.

Our group divided the topic into three parts to make the workload manageable through group discussion. I was responsible for theoretical support. The other two members were responsible for studying the influence and application of the Basel Accord on Islamic banking. Each time we met, we discussed each person’s sections and shared collected research with each other. The research I conducted was based on theory. I needed to summarize the information I had reviewed and share it with the group members for future reference. I let the other team members study the impact of the Basel Accord on Islamic Banking, thus saving time. During group meetings, the team leader summarized the contents of the team member’s research and suggested the next topic to be studied. Through consultation among the team members, we reached a consensus and actively completed our tasks. Each group meeting added on to the content of our speech.

The biggest challenge for me was the need to have the courage to communicate with foreign team members. Lack of fluency in language made communication in our group meetings have some obstacles, and thus the tasks of the team members were not timely delivered. Fortunately, the team leader and members were very warm and friendly. Therefore, I  encouraged myself to communicate more and ask a question when I faced a problem. I also learned a lot of new things.

Further, the group meetings improved my relationship with foreign friends. Moreover, I gained experience on how to prepare speeches from the team leader and other members. As a result, I no longer complicate the content of the speeches. The group leader told me that the speech should be easy to understand so that everyone can hear the message. I also got a summary from the previous speech experience, so in this speech, I included the content I had studied many times over. I fully understood the literature and thus made the content simple and easy to understand. By calculating the time and practicing the lectures repeatedly and memorizing the material that I was responsible for,  I prepared sufficiently and gained of confidence, thanks to the opportunity to be a part of the group speech, learned a lot!


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