The influence of the Media on Religion


Religion denotes deposit interest and a great devotional connection to a superhuman control, power, and belief (Lövheim and Heidi 5). Religion is usually an environment of a superhuman being (God or god) concerning the idea that faith, divinity, worship, doctrine, and teaching that revolve around the quest for what the superhuman requires of human beings (Jegannathan 117). Thesis: The media is the contributor of changes to the traditional religious practices, and the secularization of religion has brought about a variation on the gender perspective in religious leadership, and it is predominantly influencing beliefs and believer’s behavior, moral standards and religious teachings.

Research Question

This paper will seek to answer the following research question:

  1. Is the media trying to change religion by shaping the public perception of secularism, gender perspective, and beliefs for the better or worse in the biblical view?

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