The journey to attaining my educational achievements

The journey to attaining my educational achievements

Life is a roller-coaster with tides and waves. Rooted in it is the education system which offers a thrilling yet gruesome experience with daunting tasks from one level to the next. I came to learn an essential lesson that one’s physical appearance is not necessarily a reflection of cultural identity. Social interaction with people from different walks of life as I passed through the system informed my choices and contemporary stature.

The journey to attaining my educational achievements has been marred with longevity and challenges. As a feeble young lad, the memory of my onset in elementary school is scanty. I later came to understand the critical role played by my parents. They took me through the baby steps of the terrifying unknown, engaging me with the necessary tools to build my vocabulary as I made my first leap. Board games and contests such as the spelling bee kept me engaged in a competitive yet thrilling manner. Initially, everything was all about fun and games attached to getting through the process. The critical outcome involved building a strong foundation for my upcoming journey in studies.

Learning institutions harbor a holistic environment that shows empathy toward diversity. My first stage of schooling encouraged comprehension of coexistence. Skills that would later on come in handy such as coordination and teamwork were built during the baby steps. The elementary school offered a fun process and the genesis of making bonds regarding friendships. Parental care provided the support needed in encouraging every hurdle crossed by issuing accolades. I recall my first bicycle which my parents awarded me with as a result of recognizing my effort. In my mind, I trusted that moving to the next level would entail a harmonious transition void of multiple challenges.

The fear of the unknown is a common characteristic that human beings possess. My joy of moving from primary to secondary school was shrouded with the aforementioned. The anticipation of meeting new goals and learning afresh generated a thrilling effect. Six years in the elementary section issues one the taste of an institutional process. High school presented the opportunity to path-finding and building on my prowess. The institution I joined resonated well with the hospitable characteristic of my locality. The body was mindful of capacity building which was the basic foundation of which the surrounding community was linked.

Goals and aspirations are a driving force that catapults individuals from low to high stand. True to our school motto, ‘Excellence to greater heights,’ the school culture revolved about competitiveness. In a free expression environment, the student fraternity was handed the tools to enhance continuity in competition. We had regular contests that were summed up by recognition of exemplary performances. The above-entailed inter-classes face off and invitations to fellow like-minded institutions. Even in cases where awards were unavailable, the pride tagged to winning was insurmountable. The move bolstered student-fellow relationship and developed a locality niche of competitive entities.

‘Show me your friends, and I tell you who you are’ is a timeless adage that is vital in the school setting. The inhabitants of the learning institutions influence character building in either a positive or negative way. I was lucky enough to surround myself with good company from different races. In doing so, my comprehension curve on differences and cultural tolerance rose; not forgetting the friendly teachers who had a good rapport with the student body. Counseling services were a step away, and the teaching staff often offered words of encouragement to enhance hard work. Instructors acted as our parents though non-related through blood and in a different setting.

Interactions with the environment construes to personality growth. High school holistically provided the avenue of self-expression. A wide range of co-curricular activities was available in which I participated in chess-playing. I made new friends in my exercise as I represented the school in tournaments. Arts and other sports were exemplified and the teacher-parent relationship held in concrete by organized workshops and outdoor team-building activities. Liberty to expression was written all over the school face as it inhabited all races including many immigrants. The culture mix was vital as we learned the benefits of equal treatment and being humane to others.

For every beginning, there must be an ending which we can only hope for the best. 1984 marked my graduation from high school after six years of struggle and grilling. I recall walking in my gown alongside friends who had significantly impacted my growth. The entire institution inculcated in me profound virtues and values. The joy and glamour of that day as the bright faces yearned for more was a moment to capture. High school was done, and now we had to set new goals. Remaining stagnant was not an option; hence everyone was to forge ahead in their conscience and understanding. The teachers felt proud of a job well done, and along parental care, career choice advice was offered.

Reminiscence is served with essential flashback and reliving moments. My first steps to college, friends and any joining student for that matter reminded my mind of the baby steps in institutional learning. Accompanied to school by my parents (an accurate reflection of my toddler), this new move would inform my career choice and lie-becoming. Safe to say I had put the high school influence into consideration as I moved to a competitive college. The diversity in colleges, with multiple immigrants seeking better education, bore a real mirror image of my preceding step in the studying journey. I chose a competitive college within my locality as I felt that would keep my performance at a high point bearing in mind the new stage would take me approximately four years.

Growing up is a blessing if properly handled. Higher learning institutions offer a liberal culture with multiple resources to explore such as unlimited social media and a well-established library system. Teachers recognize maturity, and most decisions are handed to the student body. Parents play the role of being a source of inspiration and issuing sound advice where necessary. I recall my first experience involving fraternity house choice which would embody my learning curve. Vigor, flair, and tolerance characterized in the wing which would transcribe to my choice of co-curricular activities and career development. Strides in college were fun and engaging; I furthered my chess-playing and set new goals borrowing from the school culture.

Some of my classmates took a similar education path to mine while others responded to their volition. Informing multiple choices as I go along, the system has taught various characteristics in my being. In an arduous yet exciting process, socialization and enculturation have influenced my educational experiences up to now.

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