The Kirkpatrick Chapel on the Old Queens campus

In the following work which analyzes the use of architecture and public space in creating a narrative that describes our environment the work of three authors will be used. The work of Paul R. Jones “The Sociology of Architecture and the Politics of Building: The Discursive Construction of Ground Zero” will inform the essay. Also, “Mapping monuments: the shaping of public space and cultural identities” by Nuala C. Johnson and the text “What Buildings Do” by Thomas F. Gieryn will also be worked with to create an informative essay.

The Kirkpatrick Chapel is a monumental structure that serves as a nondenominational chapel and therefore has been an attractive site due to the rich history portrayed by the symbolism of the structure. The interest the chapel strikes in visitors is astounding as a majority of them seek to learn more about the structure. It is possible that the location of the chapel together with other facilities that surround it harness its value to visitors. Given that it is located at the top of a hill, it facilitates a great view of the Raritan River which contributes to the worth of the structure in informing about design and public space. Structures are said to stabilize social life; this is according to Thomas Gieryn. He also asserts that social institutions gain structure, persistence patterns of behavior and become durable to social networks. As such, the Kirkpatrick chapel is seen to stabilize social life in the university where it is located. The Kirkpatrick Chapel architecture informs a lot about design and public space, with its rich history it serves to direct that buildings form identities which are shaped by people's history. The ground the Kirkpatrick Chapel is built is a historic ground on its own. It is believed that at this spot, Alexander Hamilton was able to delay the British Troops across Raritan River with heavy horse artillery. Thus the concept derived from this is that design and public spaces act as landmarks that carry historical and geographical significance which reinforces social memory. The presence of other historic sites around the chapel shows that bui

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