The Pastoralia

The Pastoralia

On page 73, paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Pastoralia, the passage is talking about how Bradley had been thrown out the rehab for stealing a TV. It is further interpretive that a rehab is meant to transform people like Bradley, but the idea is that it seemed the person was not ready to change and that’s why he was thrown out. This passage seems to dismiss genre conventions given the fact that a reader does not expect a person to be kicked out a rehab that is meant to transform him or her. Thus, as a result, the effects produced are that the reader’s mind is switched to look at how bad Bradley’s characters are and how the rehab failed to try another mean of changing this boy. Arguably, in appealing to the audience, the passage creates an idea of Bradley’s characters that cannot be changed from a harsh environment. This context is further evident to have an effect on the entire text in that the reader is familiar with the events that later on take place in the life of Bradley and his mother. The mother tries to make her son be a better person, and that’s why she takes him to a rehab. But on the other hand, the son is not ready for change. All this can better be understood from this context.

Task 3

The above ideas arise from the line “I was trying, but still they kicked me out.” The ideas generated from this line shows that the boy was not ready for a change because one cannot do something wrong and call it trying to make right. It is further evident that the ideas are convincing since not only the line above but the entire passage shows how messy this boy’s life is. In support of this argument, we see the use of language, “….I was a fucking asshole for wasting my dream come true of being a jewelry maker.” Bradley reminds the mother for having said these words that seem to have had an impact on him and the maybe reason for his mischiefs. Another convincing fact is in double negation used by Bradley, “I didn’t steal nothing, Ma,” This negation implies that Bradley had stolen but lacked an explanation to give to his mother. Another fact to support the idea that Bradley’s character was beyond repair is where he says that he felt bad for being called a thief. This is ironic since taking someone’s property without consent is stealing, an act Bradley had done.

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