The Perfectionist

Summarize the contents of the video. What did they talk about and discuss?

Nick Sabanis considered as the most dominant head today in college football. The video “The Perfectionist” is an interview done to Nick Sabanto explore much of his tactical approach to coaching. From the video, it is evident that while the rest of the college football may be trying to look for Nick Saban, he is instead focused on chasing for perfection. The interview focused on Alabama football and the tactical approaches that Nick Sabanuses to manage his team. The achievement that Sabanhas acquired has not gone unnoticed. Therefore, from a general perspective, the interview tends to address the question of what makes Saban such an effective leader.

What leadership style does Nick Saban use in your opinion and give supporting reason for why you believe that?

In my opinion, Saban uses various leadership approaches to make his coaching tactics better. But one thing stood out on top, Saban is a perfectionist due to his intense coaching style. I think Nick does not coach against a team but rather against perfection. He does not care about the score but focuses on the game, most importantly, how the players prepare and execute his plans on the field, regardless of the situation or the opponent.

What three things specifically talked about stood out to you like things you may use in your coaching career?

From Saban’s story, you cannot fail to get some insights to use in your coaching career. One of the things that I would embrace in my coaching career is to focus on perfection. It is evident that Saban’s approach to putting more emphasis on the game rather than the score worked to his advantage. He ensured that his team is well prepared and executed his plans effectively irrespective of the situation of the opponent.

Another critical insight is the level of recruitment I would apply in my coaching career. Sabancould o identify the best players and convince them to come to Alabama. This is a remarkable approach I want to use, on top of an intense coaching style. But that’s not the end of the story. Recruiting the best players alone cannot make you succeed. I will also strive to make the recruited players improve and work hard daily. I will give them a room to go out and prove their talents.

Lastly, I would not ask my players to go into the field to win the game. As Saban said, I think this is too vague, too overwhelming, and too big a task. I would instead advise my players to go to the field and win the play, make the best block they would manage;turn the game a “perfect” entertainment. This is the best approach to winning a game.

In your opinion why do people view Nick Saban as such a great leader and do you have anything to add to the conversation?

Many people view Nick Saban as an impressive figure and leader. As the Alabama coach, Saban was able to revolutionize not only their program but also created one of the most successful award-winning programs in the last decade. Alabama is famous today for excellent football programs and their ability to completely outplay their opponents. Because of his intense coaching style, Saban became known as a perfectionist and the high expectations he had for his players. It is evident from the conversation that Saban embraced and loved the ‘doing’ (actual steps towards perfection) instead of focusing on goals that are unattainable. This adaption of behavior has today become a significant pillar of the Saban’s Process. In the past nine years as the coach of Alabama,Saban’s record has been undeniable. The team has won 106 out of the 124 games that they have played. This is a record that makes people see Saban as a great coach because, without an excellent coaching style, you cannot achieve such as a result. At the same time, they have won four national championships. The winning percentage of 85% accounts as one of the highest winning rates in college foot ballover the last decade.

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