The Press Conference Day

  • Book the venue for the conference and ensure that everything at the site is set in order.
  • Ensure that the selected place is accessible. Considers its sources of power, sound, lighting, capacity as well as connection of microphones if they will be used
  • Make sure there is a validated and free car parking at the conference venue
  • Assemble the stage and podium to be used by speakers
  • Reserve a room for parking large TV production truck to be used for the television coverage
  • Invites only those journalists who are interested with the topic
  • Send to the invited media press release containing the venue, speakers, key issue to be covered, a map of the venue, and the person they can contact for further information
  • Prepare a maximum of one-hour conference timetable
  • Select the person who will chair the conference and brief him or her
  • Contemplate on possible questions and formulate appropriate answers
  • Prepare handout materials, background notes, speakers bios, signage, and press releases
  • Brief associates on what to share with the media
  • Brief a few of your colleagues about expected journalists and their interests
  • If appropriate, prepare name badges for staffs and other officials
  • Look for a photographer who will be taking photos
  • If proper, organize light refreshments for attendants.


The Press Conference Day

  • Great and checks names of journalists who have arrived. You can spend at least 15 minutes to do so before starting the press conference
  • Hand out hard copies and other materials on arrival
  • Give out label name budget to the appropriate attendants
  • Issue the timetable and stick on it
  • Allow the chairperson to introduce invited speakers
  • After announcements and speeches, takes questions from the audience
  • Note down names of those who ask questions
  • Direct questions to appropriate speakers for responses
  • Allocate time for individual journalists to ask questions and make follow-interviews after the entire event

After the Conference

  • Email press kits, background materials, and press release to journalists who did not attend the conference
  • Monitor press coverage of the conference by collecting and documenting related reports
  • Ensure that all media who participated in the event are recorded on your regular journalists’ distribution list for future retrieval and contact
  • Report press coverage on the company’s websites and newspapers

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